Can you get your uterus taken out

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Yes, the procedure is called a hysterectomy to have your uterus removed. It is a major abdominal surgery. ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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Can you get your uterus taken out?
Sure, it’s possible. This surgery isn’t typically done on *girls*. The procedure (surgery) is called a Hysterectomy. Some females have abnormally shaped uteruses and even one that’s divided down the center and this can make it hard to hold …
Do you have to shave your pubic hair to get your uterus taken out…?
It depends on what kind of hysterectomy you get. If it’s an abdominal hysterectomy,no.They cut it out through your stomach.If it’s a vaginal hysterectomy,the take it out through the vagina,but I still don’t think pubic hair would be a facto…
Does having taken your uterus out after surgery do you still get …?
No. You also can experience the joy of what amounts to menopause for the rest of your life. A former roommate of mine had to have a radical hysterectomy after her IUD migrated and lacerated her uterus, and she was experiencing mood swings…

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Can you get your uterus taken out?
Q: I know this is stupid, but i really wanna know! Some girl was talking about it on facebook, and i dont know she said she had an abnormal shaped uterus and a later post she screamed I GOT IT OUT!!!?Is this possible
A: Yes you can. The procedure is called a “hysterectomy.” Here’s the wikipedia page for some general information:
how long does it take your uterus to open for miscarriage? ?
Q: I was at the hospital last night from 5 to 2 in the morning with bleeding and signs of miscarriage. I am 6 weeks 5 days today. The baby was attached on my uterus walls lower than what it should have been and the heart beat was 73{normal is 150} I was going to get discharged when i started to bleed again and the doc took a sac out of me. he said it can either be my baby or nothing. Im still bleeding and cramping but not clotting alot. Has this ever happened to you or anyone you know? words of encouragement? I will see my obgyn tomarrow
A: Try to rest and relax–I know it’s hard. If the miscarriage is to progress –It is your cervix not uterus that dilates(opens)for miscarriage–but you are so earlier in pregnancy that it wouldn’t need to dilate if at all —it would be like a bad period.Try to be positive and hopefully this will pass and everything will be fine. Good Luck
Is it true that they can remove your uterus so that way you can’t get pregnant anymore?
Q: My sister told me that instead of my getting my tubes tied that I should get my uterus taken out and they do that kind of procedure. have you heard of that?
A: yes it’s called a hyserectomy and it is irreversable… without a uterus you can never ever carry a child again. i would stick to the tube tying considering you can get them untied. and usually they don’t give people hysterectomys as a form of birth control its usually removed because of cancers, or endometriosis, or other problems. why would you want such an important part of your body gone anyways?
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