How does gender reassignment surgery work

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How does gender reassignment surgery work?
Every surgeon has slightly different ways of doing things, but one of the methods is to remove the tissue from inside the penis, and then basically turn it inside out so that you have a pocket that protrudes into the person. The scrotum can…
What Is Gender Reassignment Surgery
Historically, such medical processes have been called “sex changes” or “sex reassignment surgeries.”  Many, but not all, people who are transgender, that is their sense of their gender does not match with their physical sex (e.g., anatomy, …
Is there scarring associated with gender reassignment surgery??
They have no real way to make a penis, when you see a woman to man trans person, they usually still have a vagina.They cant really create a penis.and the ones they do try to create come out looking nothing like a natural penis. the male to …

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How does a gender reassignment surgery work?
Q: Can a man have his genitals reassigned as a female but with no boobs and yet live like a male? What are the costs involved?
A: Men who want gender reassignment surgery do not want to continue to live like males. Long before the surgery, which is the final step in the process, they begin to live like females, dressing like women, etc. They usually get breast enhancement surgery and take female hormones. The genital reassignment surgery is the last step once the man is absolutely convinced he’s doing the right thing, and costs, I believe, close to $100,000. It is not covered by insurance. I can only guess what the emotional cost is.
How does gender reassignment surgery work?
Q: how is it even possible for a person to have an orgasm after that?i am watching real world after show, and the girl went from a guy to a girl… and she says she is able to have orgasms… i just cant imagine how that works?
A: They save the sensitive skin with all the nerve endings and make it into a clitoris
Has anyone had gender reassignment surgery?
Q: I’ve heared all kinds of answers about how well it works. Does it really look natural, ect. Needless to say, I’ll be getting enough joke answers already, so please, don’t waste time.
A: I saw a show on the discovery channel about it. It looked like an awful ordeal.
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