How do you lose extra skin

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It’s hard to lose excess skin especially if you’ve been overweight for a while. Plastic surgery may be the best option. [ Source: ]
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・ 1 Start by either continuing a strength training program or beginning a strength training program. Adding… ・ 2 Diet can also help to reduce extra skin. Dr. Harry Pino, Ph.D., the director of exercise physiology… ・ 3 Keep your skin hyd…
Only by strength training to firm up. by changing your body’s composition by reducing fat and replacing it with muscle. Keep continue with a healthy diet * Do cardio exercises most days of the week * Perform strength training exercises seve…
It’s hard to lose excess skin especially if you’ve been overweight for a while. Plastic surgery may be the best option.

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How to lose extra skin?
Q: I’m afraid that when I lose my weight that I will have extra skin. I currently weigh 175lbs. and I wanna get to about 130-140 but I have a naturally muscular build (just not a lot of muscle but I am strong) also I am 15 years old (if that has anything to do with how my skin is) so do you think that I will get extra skin? and also if I do what can I do now to prevent that from happening?
A: Since you are so young your skin has a 95% chance of not sagging. The older we get the less elasticity our skin has. With a 40lbs weight loss you should be fine just remember to work out.
How do you lose that extra skin you get when you lose too much weight?
Q: When your overweight then you lose all that weight and the skin gets stretch too much and become all rubbery? How do you lose that?Note: I not talking about me.
A: Its called surgeryYou gotta have it cut off.Not that bad as procedures go … but its still surgery
How do I lose the extra skin from where I have lost weight?
Q: I was told that you can do certain excercises to tighten it up put all I still do is add more and lose weight. it just seems meaningless to lose weight when you can’t tell where its at.
A: If you have a lot of sagging skin from a huge weight loss, I think you would have to have tucks or have the extra skin removed and that also would remove more pounds. I have seen pictures where the sagging skin sagged over the ankles, pitiful. I have sagging wings under my arms now and a sagging belly and boobs from weight loss.
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