How many plastic surgeries did Michael Jackson

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While not known for sure it is estimated that Michael Jackson has had at least 20 cosmetic surgeries on his face. [ Source: ]
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How many plastic surgeries did michael jackson have?
He only admitted to having 2-3, how many he really had is something only him and his surgeon(s) would know, anything else is just speculation.
Why did michael jackson get plastic surgeries?
Clearly he feels like he missed out on his own childhood, and by so many of his behaviors is trying to re-capture something he missed out on. I think that answers the Neverland question, the idolizing of what he perceived as the purity and …
Did Michael Jackson’s plastic surgeries contribute …?
It is doubtful that the plastic surgery had any contribution to his death.  The danger is to undergo surgery when you have an unknown underlying health problem such as cardiovascular disease.  He may have had a congenital heart weakness whi…

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how many plastic surgeries did michael jackson have in all?
Q: I’ve read some places, that after his death the doctors found that he had 37 plastic surgeries to his face ONLY!!!! and i don’t think i’m to believe that without evidence, and does his family know about his surgeries, and if anyone knows of any good website for this kind of information, i really would like to know 😀 and thanks.
A: He certainly didn’t just have 2 or he would have sued the nose surgeons for every penny they had. His chin was obviously done though why he wanted to look like Robert Mitchum is anyone’s guess. No matter what, his face was a total wreck and no amount of plastic surgery would have repaired what he allowed the surgeons to do. He just got carried away and refused to accept he was black. He didn’t just want to be like a white person he wanted to be the “ultimate’ white and so his nose and lips had to be thinner than anyone else’s. Along with the chin cleft.
How many plastic surgeries did Michael Jackson have?
Q: I’m just curious if anyone knows. And if you think that he never had any, then you are completely delusional.
A: Probably about 10. That nose changed several times then came the butt chin.
How many plastic surgeries did michael jackson get?
A: I have heard he’s had about 17, and on more than one occasion I’ve heard this.However, I’ve also heard claims he’s had 100. This seems VERY unlikely, I think if anyone got that much their face would literally collapse lol. 17 seems much more probable. He says however that his actual face (e.g. cheekbones) he’s had none, a cleft put in his chin, and only 2 nose jobs.Who cares though? He’s still my favourite musician. He’s a very talented man, and seems very kind. And he’s said before that when he was younger he didn’t like the way he looked. 🙁 And besides, loads of celebs get plastic surgery. I think the person who looks the worst as a result of plastic surgery is Jacqueline Wildenstein.
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