Is a eye sty a virus

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A:A stye is a pimple or abscess that forms in either the upper or lower eyelid caused by bacteria that normally live peacefully. [ Source: ]
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Is a eye sty a virus
A stye is a pimple or abscess that forms in either the upper or lower eyelid caused by bacteria that normally live peacefully.

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Virus in eye making my daughter sick?
Q: A few days ago, my daughter got a bump on the inside upper eyelid of her eye. We figured it was a sty, but it lasted a few days and seemed to get worse so I took her to the eye doctor this morning and he said that it could just be dry eyes and if the eye drops don’t work, then she would need to go back and get antibiotics because it could be a viral infection in her eye. After the appointment she went to school and came home with a bad head cold (runny, burning nose, sore throat, headache). So my question is could the two be linked together?Thanks
A: I’m no doctor, but either it a very strange coincidence, or they are linked.
how do i get rid of sty?
Q: my classmate has a sty and she went to the clinic and the nurse there said that it was caused by a virus.. im really concious coz’ we’re so close and my eyes are getting itchy.. how do prevent the virus from infecting me? any advice?
A: i don’t have a sty, but when i did i put a warm cloth on it.. i have a eye infection right now and the doctor told me 2 wash the eye with baby shampoo and it will clear up.. try that if you have some..
my son is 11 months old and he has had red puff eyes for about a month, this AM one was almost swollen shut.?
Q: I don’t know what this could be. He had rotovirus about two weeks ago and I was told while in the ER that his eyes being red like that was from a viral rash…well….he had it previous for 2 weeks and now 2 weeks after his virus…SOOOO I highly doubt that was the problem. I feel so bad for him, it’s not pink eye or a sty because no one else has gotten anything from him. This morning is the worse that I have seen thus far. His right eye is usually the worst and it was almost swollen shut and red. It got better the longer he was awake. I’m wondering maybe it’s some kind of allergy to something. I don’t want to take him to the doctor for something stupid so I want some suggestions, please.For the assholes who think I’m letting my child suffer and I’m a bad parent, you’re unphathomably mistaken! I am a paramedic, thus I know when to take him to the dr. and when I should hold off and let it run it’s course. I’m asking OPINIONS as to what everyone thinks this may be. If it’s something silly like him being tired (which his eye is usually the worst when he’s tired) then it’s redundant to take him to the doctor. However, I personally believe it’s allergies myself but I’ve under numerous of credited sites, that children under a certain age do not develop seasonal or other types of allergies. Also, there is another issue…we are military dependants. We are in Florida right now and we were displaced and my son and I had to move to Florida while my husband stayed in GA. So Tricare, unfortunately does not cover any unauthorized visits here so I was making sure others had the same opinion as I did to take that 7 hr trip to the doctor!!!
A: get him to a doctor and if that one doesn’t do something that him to another one!!! As a parent you are letting your baby suffer.
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