Is an abscessed tooth dangerous

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A:Tooth abscess is dangerous because the patient risks increase damage to the bone surrounding the tooth while avoiding treatment. [ Source: ]
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Is an abscessed tooth dangerous?
An abscessed tooth should be treated as you would appendicitis. It is a very serious infection and if left untreated, the bacteria causing the infection of the pulp can spread to the surrounding tissue and even bone. At this point, the bone…
What is the danger of an abscess tooth?
Untreated tooth abscess is very dangerous. If abscessed tooth left untreated, the tooth infection can spread and you can lose your tooth or have other health problems. Left untreated, tooth abscess may compromise the immune system and in so…
How dangerous are tooth abscesses?
I had a dental abscess for about four years, under my dentist’s care. We tried various things, from “keep an eye on it” to lancing it to strong antibiotics. In the end, I lost the tooth, but we put up a good fight. An abscess can …

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Abscess tooth,Bleeding from tooth area!Dangerous?
Q: I woke up from a throbbing in my mouth and noticed the abscess tooth was bleeding from the tooth area not in the gum what is causing it?If I happen to fall back asleep is this dangerous or not?Im on antibiotics to take the infection and trying to get a dental aptbut I live in a very small town and the dentist are crazy prices here.So what can I do in the mean time to prevent itfrom getting worse.Thanks
A: Any antibiotics will take at least 3 days to kick in. The infection is draining from the tooth so that is good. You should also be rinsing with a warm saline solution every 2 hours to help draw out the infection. If no better in a day or two, you may need a different antibiotic. Then see your dentist to remove or treat the abscessed tooth. Good luck.
How dangerous are wisdom tooth abscesses?
Q: My boyfriend believes he has one. He is running a high fever (around 101 and 102), and has severe pain in one of his wisdom teeth. I think he needs to see a doctor immediately, but he doesn’t want to go for fear he won’t be able to afford the price to get it removed. I really don’t know much about it though, except that it can be deadly. Can you fill in the blanks?
A: removal is cheaper than root canals, think about it, do you want to suffer from heart disease due to the infection or a high fever that can be quite dangerous, your bf needs antibiotics most likely, but he needs to see a dds.
does extracting a tooth with an abscess hurt?
Q: i feel horrible about this and I know that having a tooth abscess is really dangerousso its a decayed tooth, about how many minutes should the extraction last? Does a decayed tooth easy to extract?the cavity on the decayed tooth is pretty deep, i think its pretty brittle
A: Yes it hurts like hell. But doing nothing is worst; besides you are lucky since dentists have anesthesia. There is no way to tell if it will be quick and easy to extract the tooth since every case is different.In the worst case scenario if the tooth breaks during extraction then the doctor might need to do some surgery to get the other fragments.
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