Is there a surgery to make you shorter

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There have been some experimental spine surgeries to decrease height, but the pain is not worth losing just an inch or two! ChaCha [ Source: ]
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Is there a surgery to make you shorter
There is no surgery that can make you shorter. Besides, if there were, that would involved removing bone from your legs. Ouch!
Would a doctor perform surgery to make me shorter?
Um okay, you’re 14 years old. You’re not done growing, so your body would get seriously effed up if you tried to stop your growth NOW. If you’re more concerned about your appearance than physical health, go for it. But don’t take tallness a…
Are there ways to have leg surgery to make you shorter??
If you like your height why change? You didn’t say how tall you were, or how old you are. I would assume you are in your teens if you think you are growing. To answer your question. Yes they can reduce your height. Essentially they would p…

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Are there ways to have leg surgery to make you shorter?
Q: I want to be shorter i like my height but i think im getting a little taller
A: They’d have to break your legs in one or two places each and remove some bone, then screw the bones back together. You’d still have all of the skin and muscle tissue, plus surgical scars.No surgeon that you would trust to cut into your body would ever agree to do such an operation. Practice looking statuesque.
Surgery to make you shorter?
Q: Is there a surgery that makes you shorter? Even just an inch or two? Lemme know! :]Uh well I am like 5’10” and 14 and still growing. Its kinda embarrising and i can never wear heals or anythin so i just want to be shorter.
A: No. None.
Is there any way, what so ever, to make myself shorter?
Q: I’m 6ft4″ and I really hate being tall!!Its not all its cracked up to be if you are good looking, but if you aren’t like me, I just look like a gorilla.Is there any surgery or chemicals to make me shorter?You would understand if you ever saw me.
A: I probably would. But you are STUCK with this can either ruin your life and choose a career that is based on your body, like be a bouncer or a leg breaker for the mob…or you can say, well, I guess I’ll become a genetic biologist and DISCOVER how to reverse such a condition in other people who don’t want to appear as different as I do.Christ, though. Have you ever actually LOOKED at Abraham Lincoln?? He was called THE ORIGINAL APE even by his OWN CABINET members. The gorilla. Shiit like that. He didn’t care. He had one job. To preserve the union. And he rose to the challenge. Maybe something like that is a possibility for your life too.
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