What a good excuse for leaving your friends

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A:Here’s some excuses. I lost my contacts and cannot see. I have the flu. I have an abscessed tooth. My allergies are severe today. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-a-good-excuse-for-leaving-your-friends ]
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What is a good excuse for me not going bowling with my friend?
A good excuse to not go bowling with your friend would be to tell her that you are not feeling well, or that your parents said no. ChaCha again soon!
Are exams a good excuse to miss a friends wedding?
The short notice might be a bit annoying, but really if you’ve got exams, you’ve got exams. Let her know why you won’t be coming. If she’s not even that close of a friend anymore, I can’t see that it’ll be a huge deal. Then get them a nice …
What’s a good excuse to get out of going out with friends??
Try just telling them you don’t want to go out. If they’re your friends you be able to be honest with them. If you don’t want to go out with my friends why should you have to justify it, saying that you don’t want to go out is reason enough…

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You’ve promised to go to your gf/bf’s parents house to watch videos of old family trips, but just as your….?
Q: ….about to leave your best friends invite you out for drinks. What do you do? Go to watch old family vacation video, make an excuse to back out, or simply tell your bf/gf that you had a better offer and deal with the consequences?
A: invite the friends to the parents house to watch and drink.
PLEASE give me your opinion: Does he just want to be good friends or does he like me?
Q: There is the guy who is my best friends good friend. We all go to guitar class together so we have starting to hang. The thing is, he’s giving me these signals which I don’t know how to react to, this is what I’m talkin about:The other day we were chatting online and he told me he wanted to prank call somebody with me on conference, it wa like 1 AM, so I clearly said no. He then called me up and started pleading about it, I said no again and was clear about it, so the topic gradually changed and we spoke for a good half an hour. I kind off felt the ‘prank calling’ thingum was just an excuse to call me. Also at times when we spoke I could sense him blushing, but then I thought to myself my head was gettin the best of me. So that night his dad came in his room 2 times, I even told him I could talk to him later but he refused. His sister was in the room studying, he asked her to leave the room and study elsewhere, she said no, so he went to the kitchen to talk to me! It made me just feel, like why? Then his dad found him in the kitchen so he hung up, and messaged me later explaining, I texted back saying it was alright, and then he sent me 2 more messages, which I didn’t reply to, so he goes “Okay meanie I know you don’t like texting but once in a while you should”Then the other day we met by coincidence, so I smiled at him. He’s told me before that I have a great smile but that night online he’s like “Don’t get me wrong, but i’m hooked on to your smile” he mentioned not to take him in a wrong way, but uh, it DID kinda make me think and feel awkward.The other day I was angry about something so as we chatted he’s like “why so short tempered? Smile gorgeous!” and before leaving he was like “And yeah, don’t get angry so easily, and keep smiling because you’re worth it”And last but not least, he left yesterday to go out of town, so he messages me “You didn’t even say bye to me meanie, anyways miss me huh, lol take care”Now, I don’t know if I’m exaggerating or what. I don’t understand him, I can’t figure out whether he just wants to be good friends, or he actually does like me. From my side, I do like him to an extent, plus he’s a great person.Your opinions would be greatly appreciated! 🙂
A: I think he likes you.
One of my friends is a user, the other is very shady, what do I do?
Q: ok – this is how my two friends are, we will call the first friend ‘friend #1’ and the other one ‘friend #2’ friend number has been a friend or so i think since I been in high school, I just recently moved back down from the city to the town i grew up in, and we started hanging out again, I noticed he only likes to hang out when he is getting something out of it, such as me giving him rides to places he wants to go, or when he gets something out of me. My other friend, friend #2 we just recently been really good friends almost like brothers for the past 2 YEARS, he moved back to the town I just recently moved back to before me, we were hanging out almost everyday, but than he started getting shadier and shadier, I’ll call him, text him, and he never replies. This is on a normal basis, I don’t know much people out here, so I have no choice but to hang out with them or dont hang out with much anybody at all, I never really get a chance to hang out with the shady friend so I hang out with the user friend more often. The user friend even tells me he uses girls for free food, and for other things of course he don’t care about them, I’m begining to think he is doing the same game with me, and I’m begining to lose interest in these so called ‘friends.In fact here is a better description of these two friends of mine, exactly!!!Courtesy : Urban dictionaryfriend#1poster friends 1. Fake friends – act like they care, they don’t. You might have some stuff in common and talk them, but only because there is no one else to talk to. Once someone better comes along you’ll leave your poster friends behind because after all, they weren’t your friends to begin with. 2. Like a poster, you’ll been seen with them in a picture but their not actually there for you when you need them. 3. Someone your seen with but they don’t mean anything to you.”I only eat lunch with my poster friends because I havn’t found where I fit in yet.”user user (n.) – a person who uses a friend or aquaintance solely for the purposes of gaining a type of advantage; whether it be: 1) when no one else is around, they need someone (like you) to take them places 2) someone who doesn’t include you in any activities that they have with their friends, who you too, are friends with, yet YOU would invite him or her in a heart beat 3) a person who completely ignores you when he or she is with a group of people who may be cooler than you 4) a person who can call you ANYTIME and you would be there for them, and yet if you try to call him or her, they will not pick up; however, ONLY for using purposes he or she would pick up, like if he or she needs a RIDE somewhere (yet they would pick up their phone for any other person) 5) a person who constantly gives you excuses…when you know he or she is completely full of SHIT and even after all this, this person still calls you their “friend” Lianna was a user to Charlie because she felt, why not?Friend # 2shady mcshadersonA person that is only a friend of convenience, when the timing works out for them; a person who does not return phone calls when he or she says he/she will; a person who will ignore you and/or avoid you at all costs until it suits them to talk to you and constantly uses ‘being busy’ as a sad excuse as to why.He is a Shady McShaderson, he blows you off and blatantly ignores you for no reason whatsoever.Shady 180 Describes the phenomenon that people encounter when one of their good friends starts dating a new person and immediately becomes a different person. Signs include: not answering phone calls, not calling back, loss of desire to have fun, and being all around shady.”Ever since he started dating this new girl, he has been acting like a totally different person; it’s like we’re not even friends anymore.” “Yeah man, he’s pulling the Shady 180.”—I’m thinking about just being a loner, and doing my own thing I’ll be starting school now in the spring semester and hopefully get a job, and just continue going to the weight room like I usually do, and just cut them off in hopes of finding some new ‘real’ friends that dont screw u over or that u dont have to chase around, so tell me how you would feel and what you would do?Sorry so long , but I need REAL responces, please and thank you to anybody who can reply and be honest, and real.btw friend #2 is also really whipped on his girl, his life pretty much revolves around her, and he pretty much don’t got any true friends besides me.
A: You have given your own answers. These 2 friends use you when it is for their own convenience. Try getting out to meet new people. You could join a club eg. football, volley ball, badmington, judo, boxing, walking, music, photographic, chess, card club etc. Look them up at your local Library. There will probably be many to choose from. Also, it is worth looking to see what evening courses are available. You can ask at the Library. That way you will get to make friends that share one of your interests. Good luck.
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