What does it mean if a cats cheek is swollen

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A:You absolutely need to take him to the vet. He most likely has an abscess. The abscess would most likely be secondary to an MORE? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-does-it-mean-if-a-cats-cheek-is-swollen ]
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What does it mean if a cats cheek is swollen
You absolutely need to take him to the vet. He most likely has an abscess. The abscess would most likely be secondary to an MORE?

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My cat’s right cheek is swollen?
Q: So, I have two cats that are indoor / outdoor cats. I just let them both in for the night and I didn’t inspect them but just at a glance they looked and seemed fine. I went outside for about 20 minutes and came back in to find that one of them has a swollen right cheek. It goes from the split at his upper mouth to the right side of his cheek and its swollen out a good 3″ at least. I was totally taken aback because he wasn’t like this just 20 minutes ago. He’s not vomiting and he drank some water but when I try to look at it, he won’t let me get near it. So of course that means its painful, I did get a glance at it under the light and I see a small hole with a drop of blood coming out right near his mouth. I thought at first maybe a snake bite but I can only see one hole not two. Anyway, I dont’ know what to do…It’s Sunday night so no vets are open and I sure don’t have the money for an emergency vet. What do I do? Just watch him and see if it goes down or???
A: Snakes don’t always get every animal with two teeth, it could always just be a gardener snake, or another type that isn’t poisonous. Do you know what type of snakes live around your area? Are they poisonous? If so, you better go to the emergency vet. If not, then just try to put something on the wound(peroxide) and wait till the vet opens.tell me how everything goes 🙂 good luck
Need help with my cat…what should I do?
Q: Something is wrong with my cat and I cant figure out exactly what it is… Yesterday I realized that his cheek was swelled up pretty bad. I just hoped for the best before I went to bed last night. Then I woke up this morning and he doesnt even want to move around. He wont leave my room which is unusual because he loves to play outside. He really just sits there, non-responsive. His cheek got worse today and he is missing about an inch or so long of fur. My family has given me a bunch of different things that it could be like, a black widow bite, bee sting, etc. I just have no idea. He is not acting normal. The area on his cheek is still swollen and he has puss coming out of it every now and then. I cant tell if hes getting better or worse. he still doesnt even want to really move and once i sit him in one spot he stays there for hours. He is eating fine and drinking plenty of water when it is set in front of him, but he will not get up and go get it himself in his usual place where i put his food. Please if anyone has any advice… This cat means so much to me, ive had him for 11 years and dont want to lose him to something that could have been prevented. Thank you!
A: Your cat could have what is known as a skin abscess. I especially think so due to the description of puss coming out, the rapid swelling formation of the cheek, and his behaviour. Sometimes cats get in fights (especially male cats) or even have other disorders which can introduce these infections under the skin. I would suggest an oral antibiotic (such as Clavamox ) for him and to clean and drain the wound – which I would suggest you see a vet for. In the mean time clean the wound with hydrogen peroxide and if possible put some topical antibiotic on it. If this is indeed an abscess it is a serious condition and should really be looked at by a vet as soon as possible. The abscess may need to be drained to relieve pain, remove any foreign materials, and help clear up the infection. Septicemia is possible and cats have been known to die of skin abscesses. I would take him to the vet right away. If the vet is not an option (as does happen) I would suggest, for the moment, neosporin (topical antibiotic) a hydrogen peroxide wash at least twice daily until you can get some form of antibiotic to administer daily. If you have an antibiotic the Merek Vet Manual (online) can give you an idea of the dose you need to give your cat for the abscess (Staphylococcus, Streptococcus, Pseudomonas, E.coli) based on his weight and type of infection. You will also need to drain the sore yourself and check to see if there are any foreign bodies inside the abscess. Sometimes you will be surprised to find fragments of other cat’s teeth, claws, you name it inside the abscess! Its not a pretty procedure and its going to hurt a lot for your cat unless you can take him to the vet where they can numb it for him. Your cat would be, if at all possible, in better hands if he went to the vet. His chances of survival and relief increase ten-fold with the care of a trained medical professional.
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