What is a cathered

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A Foley catheter is a thin, sterile tube inserted into your bladder to drain urine. You might have one during surgery or sickness. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-a-cathered ]
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What is a cathered
A Foley catheter is a thin, sterile tube inserted into your bladder to drain urine. You might have one during surgery or sickness.

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Bllod clot in the back of the heart of a 20 year old?
Q: My cousin had been having severe pains she went to the ER and they told her that it was her appenditics and would have to have surgery. When the surgeon open her up, there was nothing wrong with her appenditics, so they looked around, with a small camera. Found out she has a blood clot in the back of her heart. I have forgotten what they called it, but it is inherited. They have her in a coma state, she has a cathered and everyhting, cannot move, they siad it is very life threating, and have talked about flying her to another hospital in Nashville, Tn. My question is, I am 24 and having some of the same systoms as she did, except I have been told that my pain was just cyst on my ovaries. But I was born with some heart problems, VSD, Mumumur, and mitro-valve prolasp. They doctor siad if my pain isnt better by friday to call her and she was going to set up an appointment to have lapascopic surgery. I am really scared, if you were me would you have the surgery, or not?
A: Well to tell you I’ve seen this plenty of times in small carreer. Doctors get something called tunnel vision, and aren’t open to any other suggestions. What you definenitley need to do is touch base with a cardiologist! Like now! Being born with a VSD and MVP you should be evaluated about once or twice a year. With severe Mitral valve prolapse along with ventricular septal defect there is definetely potential if not a high probability for you to develop an clot or embolus, even if you are in excellent shape!!! So the first step is that you need to get at least an echocardiogram (ultrasound of the heart) and touch base with a cardiologist!!! Let me know what you decide and I can help guide ya.
rate my story?is it interesting?what do u think when u read it?
Q: It was one of those when the sun refused to shine,preferring instead to color Manhattan’s skyline with angry grey clouds that threatened to let loose a heavy downpur any moment. A sombre crowd dressed like sad night had cathered at the cathederal,packing its’pews with the well heeled of the city.A reverential hush fell as the priest entered,his robes billowing behind him.The choir flipped open their song books and every sad face stood for Amazing Grace.
A: i wanna know more of it!
whats behind space?
Q: We are iside a universe called (space)I know this might siound silly for examples too but then again it might be silly because we just dont no much for a factor to be honest about whats really out there without proof of evidence and seen.Space whats really behind outside the space (whats there outside the black giant box) imagine space was a massive dark box and planets and stars where tiny dust that dosnt move and just hangs there in the middle of the black box which is (the universe)Is it true theres something outside the (box) or is the (box) never ends where 4 walls are cathered? Becaue i believe there is something different outside space if you know what i mean.. i believe its something it never exsist or ever imagine… after all we as human cant think that far and becuase we dont no this unless u where to travel 999999999999999trillian++++ far away in a straight line on the edge to ever fine out.Telescopes wont do anything good because you need proof evidence in real time real life with your own eyes if u where to go that far to see it.. imagine u could frly so fast you get there in hours only and fine out the truth behind the space. Now this may all sound stupid simply because as for now we just believe and asume that space is space and nothing els behind the outside of space… thats normal.. But i beleive theres something els out there.. something out of imagination something that dosnt make sence and or dosnt ever exsisted in out lifes…. Simply because we are kept somwhere (in that big black box) where earth is as small as a (dust) and us humans are as small as a very very small micro germ that compare to the big black (box) is far greater then what we are and we would never fine out the real truth to whats really outside the universe.. But for now lets say tis just space that never ends nor walls or such. We dont no this unless we see it. Telescope too small to fine.telescope may reach distance of maybe 20light years ? but it all becomes so blurry… You do realise space the universe is multible greater then just 20light years its trillians double then that. So there fo with our technology to creatre a massive telescope to fine if universe has a wall or a end or something els this wont be discovered for thousand of years because simply if you can just see yourself in the middle of the (box) you are the tiny germ. earth is a dust or lets say a tiny grain of sand that u see on the beach and the universe is so open its massive and you cant make technology to see 99999999999999999999999trillians +++++ light years away simply because the universe dominates greater and us dont have that power to see that far.. so far we see something but its not even long range compare to what the universe is.. So we just simply dont no whats behind the universe either there is something.. just like try open the )black box) to discover.. what do you believe and think?we all think tis more and more space.. we dont NO this until oneday we can reach a telescope that can see 99999999999999trillian++++ light years away.. but because that wotn happen for the next 20 thousand years time u know space dominates because its creater.. Imagine you been the germ that germ wont get from where u are to the other side of the world back to u until you are dead in 20 or 50 years time or more or maybe even the germ wouldnt ever get back if it was to travel around the world real real real slowly… So thats just a unusual example 🙂 So for now we can only just imagine.. Its like is there life elswhere beyond the universe.. The exact conclusion.Let us your say.
A: Our minds cannot comprehend what is “behind space”. Einstein said if we could see without limit we would see our own retinas as light travels in an orbit eventually coming back to its origin. Some say there is a vacuum beyond the universe where nothing exists. Only God knows and perhaps one day you can ask Him.j
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