What is a gum boil

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A:It is a drainage point for a tooth abscess, caused by the body’s response to toxins which drain out of a root of a tooth. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-a-gum-boil ]
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n. A small boil or abscess on the gum, often resulting from tooth decay.
The term “gum boil” can be used to refer to many types of sores in the mouth, but true gum boils are often the result of poor oral care and tooth infections. Symptoms Symptoms of gum boils can range from minor to severe. You may e…
A gum boil or SINUS is the easiest path of escape for the infection at the end of the root. It is usually through the gum at the level of the infection, A gum boil will swell and then release the toxins [pus] from time to time. The gum boil…

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I have a gum boil at the sight of a root canal. Should I worry?
Q: I had a root canal five years ago. About six months after the procedure, a gum boil developed on the gum, directly above the crown site. I have only recently figured out what it was. There’s never been pain or pressure. It occasionally fills, then pops and goes away for a few weeks. Considering the mildness of the situation, compared to others I’ve read about, what is the worst scenario I could be facing? Should I worry about bone loss, or possible surgery?
A: It seems like the infection was never cleared completely away during your root canal. What happens is, the infection will bubble up under your gums with puss coming from the root of your tooth.If it’s going away and coming back, it’s because your body is constantly fighting it off. Therefore you’ll notice you may get sicker more often because your antibodies are busy fighting off the infection in your gums constantly, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You may also notice that when you are sick with the flu the infection returns and so does the bubble. By the time your antibodies come back to your gums, the infection has spread to other teeth.Left untreated, you will find other teeth may become sore with infection, and/or you may start to notice a bad odor coming from your mouth, if nobody has told you yet. If continued, other teeth will wind up having to have work done as well as your gums. It’s a never ending cycle that will only get worse if left untreated.Taking antibiotics will certainly rid the bubble, but it will always come back unless you go to a dentist. Minor surgery can fix the problem. It’s painless with Novocaine given by your dentist, and what they do is open up the gum area with a tiny incision, make a tiny hole in the bone area, clean out the infection and sew you back up. It sounds far worse than it is, believe me!! It’s such a tiny, tiny incision that it’s almost nothing. Then, it’s likely your dentist will give you some antibiotics to make sure the infection doesn’t return.You’re lucky that you aren’t having any pain, however this usually leads to people ignoring the need for a dentist. This can progress into something serious if you don’t do something about it. By doing it now and not waiting, you’ll avoid pain, money and longterm damage to your teeth and gums.I’m glad I did it. I had the same thing happen after my root canal, but mine was painful, which made me go to the dentist. It was a good thing I went. I would have wound up having two other root canals.As nervous as I was I realized afterward it was nothing to be nervous about. My tooth is just fine now!
How serious is an absessed tooth with a formed gum boil? Treatment?
Q: My friend sent me a pic of his mouth earlier and he had a HUGE gum boil (bigger around than an eraser). He’s in a lot of pain and wants advice. I’m pretty certain it’s an abscessed tooth because he’s also complaining of “not feeling well” and of being in extreme amounts of pain (throughout his teeth and jaw. What can he do? Does he need to go to the E.R. tonight or wait to see a dentist in the morning? I’m pretty worried about him… Please help.
A: Agree thoroughly with first answer. . .ER room, now! (should have seen a dentist before now, a little late for recriminations now but thought I’d mention that for others’ sakes)In addition (just in case): I would suggest that he rinse well with a hydrogen peroxide solution – over the counter is already 3% – this should be mixed with an equal amount of water and rinse, rinse, rinse.If the abscess bursts he should be very careful not to swallow any of the pus . . . . and rinse, rinse, rinse with the watered-down hydrogen peroxide solution. Carry with to ER, just in case, along with an empty (large-mouthed) jar, or such, to spit in. . .and a towel, preferably white because of the bleaching by hydrogen peroxide.
What can I due about a gum boil that didn’t respond to treatment?
Q: I have a gum boil (fistula) due to a failed root canal on a tooth that’s a support for a front bridge. Had it treated by drilling through the tooth & cleaning out the infection, but it didn’t take. I still have the fistula & it’s worse. Endodontist said the tooth has a fracture so bacteria can still get in. I sat in her chair three times, paid a grand & the infection’sworse than before. Hurts now too. Always aware of it. Annoying and a fear of bone loss. And her & my dentist say the next step is to pull the tooth, lose the bridge & get implants? Like I got that kind of money. Needless to say I’m not happy. Couldn’t she have cleaned out the infection and sealed the fracture? My dentist sealed the temp filling the Endo put in and said nothing should get through. But if there’s still infected space there? My feeling is the endodontist did a sloppy job and missed all the infection. Am I wrong in thinking that? Can I try again to get the infection removed? Any other alternatives?
A: Your dentist and endodontist are absolutely right. There is nothing that can be done to a tooth with a root fracture. This is something that can happen when a tooth has a root canal OR the tooth had a fracture in the whole time and if small, is undetectable unless you keep getting reinfected. It’s a big bummer, but it happens sometimes. Your dentist or endodontist probably did great work and this is just the luck of the draw. Your other alternative to getting the implants is a partial, but they are not the best. Talk to your dentist about what else can be done. Sorry.
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