What was the worst known shark attack

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The worst shark attack was in 12/8/1953. Rodney Fox had four hours of surgery and 360 stitches to close wounds. ChaCha on! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-was-the-worst-known-shark-attack ]
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What was the worst known shark attack
The worst shark attack was in 12/8/1953. Rodney Fox had four hours of surgery and 360 stitches to close wounds. ChaCha on!

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A: I’ve GOT it!!!!Let’s call in Smokey the Bear to investigate!He is sure to get to the bottom of this!!!
Is it possible i’m a sociopath?
Q: Okay so for a while now iv’e been studying Sociopaths. And this is what I’ve learned, as I read more and more from sociopaths, about how they don’t know what the true feeling of love is, and how they act. Okay so many people close to me have died, i’ll name them and how they died “My grandpa( heart attack), my best friend (suicide), my other best friend (trip and landed on a rock, and choked on her own blood). All in what cases I never felt bad, never shed a tear, never cared, or looked back. As I read these short paragraphs from others I also notice it explains me.————————————–…”Sociopaths have NO conscience, though they know the difference between right and wrong. So they don’t experience remorse or a sense of guilt. Usually they even have great difficulty owning their actions. In other words, they often can’t even bring themselves to say, “Yes, I did this” if it’s something society disapprove of.Another key characteristic of sociopaths is callousness and lack of empathy, so genuine sadness for others is something they aren’t capable of.Many sociopaths are quite good actors. They know how to pretend to show sympathy and so on. Sometimes they give themselves away by displaying exaggerated or even melodramatic sympathy that doesn’t ring true. Always look out for uncalled for drama.As for ‘feeling bad for themselves’, it usually takes the form of aggressive self-pity. As they can’t accept responsibility for their own actions, they blame their misfortunes on others.I know this sounds dreadful, but I hope it’s of some use.”————————————–…”Sociopaths are sharks in deep waterSociopaths absolutely have no conscience and that also includes the law. To them laws are to be broken and they do not adhere to the regular social lives of others. Sociopaths don’t even have pity for themselves because they have no conscience. They are callous, unforgiving, cruel and get great pleasure out of demeaning, harming another human being (even in some cases animals.) When looking into a Sociopath’s eyes it’s like looking at “shark eyes” … dark, unmoving and dangerous! That “eye thing” has to do with a number of factors — a sociopath will stare almost unblinkingly into another person’s eyes because they watch people’s reactions far more closely than most people. Why? Most other people are much better at reading each others’ emotions, and at hearing what emotion is present in other people’s voices. Thus, when a sociopath is “acting” and displaying tears,some such such, it is considered excessive or unreal because the tone of voice may be incongruous or the chosen words may not fit the emotion being synthesized. The state that a sociopath is in during a display of emotion such as weeping is simply like mental “static” — a generalized discomfort that is almost impossible to differentiate and is then focused on getting some kind of substitute gratification. Without a conscience, it isn’t possible to influence other people the way most people do, so sociopaths do it by manipulation, although sometimes what they display comes pretty close to what they’d be feeling in a given situation if they were instead normal.”————————————–…Iv’e also just gotten out of a relation ship that lasted 3 and a half years.And I thought I loved her, but as I look back, I have no idea what love feels like.But when it ended just 4 days ago. I wasn’t sad, and I didn’t care that it ended.So does this mean i’m a sociopath?Am I a threat to people?Do I need help?————————————————–Other info you might need to know.-I’m Bipolar-For those who want to know why My relationship ended; it ended because she felt i lacked feelings for her.-I find myself thinking about killing a lot. I mean not like killing in the movies, when someone gets on my nervs even a little it seems to bug me sooo much. I find myself thinking about choking them, beating them, suffocating them and what no————————————————-This has been resolved i saw my doctor, and the therapist he told me to see, both saying i’m a sociopath. peace
A: Try talking to a psychiatrist about these feelings. Also when my dad died I didn’t cry either. Sometimes these emotions are simply suppressed, its not to say they dont exist. I think you do have a conscience, thats why you cared enough to know if you should be checked into a mental institution for the safety of others. Also i think that you might just be a bit extreme, perhaps because you are bipolar so when you are ticked off, you think about choking them. But the fact is that you dont. Which is good. No one is normal.
Why are humans becoming so stupid?
Q: Lately in my area there have been some people who have been bitten by sharks… Which is obviously terrible. However I keep hearing “Sharks are pests” “sharks are out to get humans” “We should just cut off the sharks fins” “Sharks are deliberately attacking humans” When will people learn, that Sharks live in the water, humans don’t, its their choice to go into their territory, and its a risk to take if you go into the water and most of the attacks were just one or two bites, so the shark then swims away, so its not obviously “attacking” them, it probably was threatened or thought it was food?Its only doing what it knows. http://www.sharkinfo.ch/SI2_99e/aggressive.htmlI knew someone who was attacked by a dog, it was a really bad attack, the dog was then put down and the media called the dog a “monster” and deserves nothing but to be put down, they even said the dog wasn’t provoked in any way.The person who was attacked then told me that she knew the dog was abused by the owners and had always been abused since it was a puppy, she said that they would whip the dog with its chain when it barked and sometimes the teenage boy would whip it with its chain for fun with his friends and not feed it for days and kick it when it howled. When she was in their backyard feeding the dog she picked up its chain, the same one thats used to hit him with and thats when the dog attacked. Its the owners that deserved to be punished, the dog probably would of had to be put down anyway because it was 10 yrs old, it was probably abused to long to change, but it was only like that because of humans in the first place.
A: I’ve noticed that people become mentally lazy these days when they face no real challenges in their life.And these days even business and political leaders become mentally lazy because they have come to depend too much on technology to do their thinking for them.I think the peak time period at which people in general were able to develop the kind of mental strength, independence and ingenuity was during the 1930s through world war, starvation and struggle.Today’s generation conceives progress as being a new colourful iPod or cellphone, or some computer program. But it’s not real progress.
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