Why Do People Cheat?

To start out with, we have to look at how we have evolved as a species. Humans are what are known as “Social Animals.” These means we create relationships and learn how to communicate our thoughts and needs. Unlike many other animals, we have the ability to understand and sympathize with others. We have the knowledge that staying with one person your whole life can mean a lot more than procreation. So why do we constantly force sex into the world of relationships? Because honestly, that is all it is.

Whether we evolved from primates, or came about by some other way, we are still a part of nature. And something that has never been disputed is the fact that when animals mate, it’s literally mating. Not getting to know one another. Not learning about each other’s lives. It’s about being physically attracted to one another and fulfilling those sexual needs. So how are humans different? We are different because we have the mentality to understand affection, love, relations, and emotions. Some where down the line, it became to right thing to do, to get married, have children, and spend the rest of your lives together. But as the years went on, trends changed, and people began socializing more than the occasional run in, people have the ability to become sexually attracted to more than one person.

It is not wrong to be sexually attracted to more than one person. Something may turn you on from your wife or husband that somebody else doesn’t have. But that somebody else may have something that turns you on while your spouse does not have that. In the end, it’s about choices. I think humanity has lost their ability to control their urges. In this world where everything is so readily available, and life is much easier than it use to be, we have become spoiled. And we have become selfish. In the end, if we want something, we won’t stop until we get it. The same goes for sex. We no longer tell ourselves, “Yeah, I’d like to get to know her better. But I love my wife and would never betray her like that.” Instead we go for whatever our hormones are telling us and will pay to consequences later. So where does that put us? In a big mess.

As things become more common, it becomes more accepted. A long time ago, nobody came out and said they were gay. But now, a lot of people are leading openly gay lives. That is because more and more people began coming out of the closet over time. And society got more accepting. Although many people still are not accepting of it, it still has come a long way because of trend changes.

More and more people are cheating. And more and more people are having to face those consequences. So it’s becoming less taboo as it use to be. We will probably one day see when nobody gets married because they love each other. They get married because they already have a kid together.

For those of you wondering more about cheating, read some of my later articles and you may learn a little more.

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