Why ‘Source Code’ is the Best Movie of 2011

The line at the theater was long, but I didn’t mind waiting. At the urging of my friend, Tyler Stunson, a true movie aficionado, I patiently waited for my chance to see his favorite blockbuster movie of 2011, “Source Code.” Tyler didn’t oversell the movie, but it was definitely a strong recommendation. And this action-packed thriller didn’t disappoint, it was well worth the wait.


Adapted from a script by Ben Ripley and Billy Ray. Actor, Captain Colter Stevens (Jake Gyllenhaal) discovers he’s a pawn in a top-secret government experimental project, “Source Code,” which magically allows him to enter the body of a man on a commuter train in Chicago that explodes, derails and kills hundreds of unsuspecting passengers.

Captain Stevens has only eight minutes to divert the past from being a catastrophic reality and relives the disaster over and over again. Gathering clues with each attempt, Capt. Stevens continues reliving the tragedy until he can solve the mystery and prevent an even bigger catastrophe — one that promises to kill millions of innocent Chicagoans.


For me, “Source Code” had more twist and turns the Goldilocks’ locks! The plot thickens every few minutes and really causes you to scratch your head as you try to figure things out. Of course, since it is Hollywood, you know things will work out just fine, but it’s quite a chore sifting through the events to attempt solving the movie before it ends. Having said that, I have to stop to avoid revealing any of the secrets. I give “Source Code” three out-of-four stars — right up there with “Shutter Island” and “Inception.”

This sci-fi/action-drama/thriller is directed by Duncan Jones and co-stars Michelle Monaghan, Vera Farmiga, Jeffery White, Michael Arden and Cas Anvar. The movie run time is 94 minutes. Get out and see a movie!

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Tyler Stunson, movie fanatic and friend

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