Why the World Has Super-Models

Knowing that the model “Giselle” has the top spot in the Northern American Modeling scene, there are many others. I would like to give validity to the reasons why there are top models and how it is they are so great and why I think they stay on top!

1. They are the most unique for this generation (like: bone structure, facial or unique bodily features that are outstanding)! In other words, they look darn good in clothing…

2. They are mature, about the fashion business and make it “pop!”

3. They are paid because they are so willing to make a difference using model advertising while being a positive role model, not just a fashion model.

4. Everyone thinks they are vain, they are not, they are rich and just as nice as you or I, although, I’m sure when they speak, they can really get their points’ across, due to their huge closets full of fashion wears and their sparkling jewels, with no apologies!

5. They seem to be born to make guys and girls hopeful hearts’ beat with surprise, flare and “butterflies.” That special something that makes the world get back into orbit and alignment with the cosmos!

So, here is to a bright and even brighter horizon with Super-Models setting and raising the bar and owning the catwalk!

To Luv & Luxury:

Hope E

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