Why Use Gigblasters.Com And Your Experience

As one of the micro job websites available to freelancers today, Gigblasters.com is gaining popularity fast. It has gained many registrants seeking to provide their skills and services to willing contractors. Once you have registered in this particular website, it is a good way for you to earn an additional income. The site is simple and convenient to use, you will no longer be hassled by browsing through the features of the website. The Gigblasters.com website will allow you to work within the comforts of your home, highly convenient if you are home based.

For those who are new to this type of freelancer work. It is also known as gig sites where you can post the services or skills that you are good at.

If you have heard of the fiverr.com, the gigblasters.com website is quite similar in the service they offer for freelancers to showcased their services. This allows freelancers to post services that can vary from article writing, graphics, videos, and many other services you can think of. Instead of employers posting jobs for freelancers, the freelancers are the one posting the services that they can offer to potential employers. It will be easier for freelancers to market their skills.

If you are interested in earning additional money, then it is best to register at gigblasters.com today. Once you have accessed the gigblasters site, the first step is to enter your email address, the username that you want, and your password. Once this is completed, you have to accept the Terms & Conditions of the gigblasters website. You are now able to start to post the services you can offer to potential employers and they can contact you if they want to avail of your services. You can edit the settings of your profile through the Seller Control Panel. You can add your full name, a photo, a description about yourself and your PayPal account email.

Once you have edited your profile, you can start creating your very first “gig”. You only have to type the services that you are offering to potential employers and include how much it will cost, it can range from $5-$500 and then you must select a category for it. Providing specific details and instructions will make your agreement clear and understandable. Once you have finished your gig, you can even use social networks to increase the possibility of an interested employer. Getting payments is quite easy; employers can send payments through your PayPal account. If you want to offer your skills to potential employers in a simple and easy way, try gigblasters.com and you will surely earn additional income.

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