Ziplining at Grouse Mountain

A short ride to Grouse Mountain in Vancouver, Canada, the mountain of fresh tree air and tall green trees is your scenery upon arrival. Grouse Mountain is a tourist attraction and in close proximity from Downtown Vancouver. It is accessible by city bus or complimentary shuttles at selected hotels in Downtown.

The highest point of the Grouse Mountain is about 4,100 ft. But on the zipline tour you exceed and go on to about 4,500 ft at Dam Mountain. It is a destination for absolute relaxation and sheer enjoyment of the outdoors. Activities range from hiking, eco walks, wildlife spotting, tandem paragliding, helicopter tours, and it becomes a ski resort during snow season.

The ziplining tour is a 5-line zip. Prior going to the first line you get a brief orientation of what to expect and what poses for your landing. Each line accelerates in height and speed. The last line, 5th line, is the longest, fastest of speeds of up to 80mph, and tallest at about 4,500 ft. Beware of an audience! The bravery of the zipliners can cause a crowd of an audience who are either amazed giving you props to zipline or thinks you are insane. Smile to your audience as they might take a picture of you.

The tour guide are all young, in great shape, strong, friendly, outgoing, and ensures your safety. They will instruct you with the variety of poses to make while up in the air and for your landing. They make certain you are safe as it is their top priority, and that you are having an amazing time!

Remember to wear close-toed shoes because you wouldn’t want to loose your shoes. If they happen to fall off your feet you’ll never see them again. It is an adventure of a lifetime and I highly recommend you give it a go!

For more info on Grouse Mountain and make reservations. See link here!

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