Would like some advice from a nurse/doc/older mom character..?

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I’m a healthy individual and I smoke marajuana daily as a stress relief/painkiller.should I tell my doc? I”m a non-smoker otherwise and in very good health..just worried about down the line? Also I don’t need a lecture from peeps about the “hazards of drug use” as I live in Canada and our drug laws are different from the states.
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You should certainly tell your doctor. Some time down the line you may need meds for something and the two may cause a reaction.Good luck!
if you think your doctor is open minded enough to not “go off on you” about the marijuana..then go for it.but there really isnt any health reason related to marijuana that you would need to tell your dr.if your smoking it in moderation i dont think its a big deal..as lond as you are not impairing yourself with it
I am actually in the process of retaining a card so I can legally use marijuana to calm my nerves. Other meds I can’t take, too many alergies. I haven’t smoke “pot” in years but she thinks it will help. In moderation only of course.I live in the states.Good luck
I think you should inform your doctor about this. If he is professional about it, he won’t give you a lecture on how bad it is. Beisdes, it is confidential information he cannot disclose. However, I can guarantee you that marijuana is not much better than cigarettes, contrary to popular belief. Joints usually don’t have a filter like cigs do, so you’re inhaling everything, without filtering out some of the bad stuff. Also, just because you’re growing it yourself doesn’t mean it’s better. I know people who have smoked up at least once a day, and after 4 years, their personality changed and they were acting differently. I personally believe that the stuff damages your brain and makes you a different person. I have seen it happen to many people. They become slow and say incoherent (and irrelevant) things, and can’t seem to concentrate for long.Anyway, tell your doc if you think it’s relevant to your health in some way. He might suggest alternative relaxation methods. It’s up to you whether you want to continue using weed as a stress reliever. If you don’t, I’m sure he can suggest something else to help you unwind at the end of the day.
I would certainly advise your physician of your habit and I would certainly hope that physicians are not judgmental in this regard. There is always a risk to marijuana but it is difficult to give this in precise terms. If the use is occasional the risk should be very low but if it is daily the risk is likely real. Perhaps the greatest risk is not from the marijuana but due to the fact that this is very commonly ‘cut’ with other drugs such as PCP which often has disastrous results as I witnessed in a patient recently.
Hi Buddy, well it depends who and what class of doctor is your doc. Another important thing is why do you think you need to tell it to your doctor, if as you say your health is good. Weed is not addictive. If you stopped using it you would not have physical nor psychological withdrawal symptoms, or at least no more than anyone who has any type of habit, and of course much less than smokers etc. On the long run people in countries where it is not forbidden or taboo and use is quite widespread have a life expectancy which is not related to pot use in any way. Only downside is that you feel quite lazy about doing anything you don’t like. Hey, but that is often really good. It depends of your economic situation and the importance you give to the opinion of others. If the issue is a health one just be moderate smoking weed, as with any other things in life, from eating to drinking water if you do not over do it then you´ll be OK. What do I mean by moderate? If you have work, smoke after work hours and week ends. If you don’t, just one doobie maybe in the morning one after lunch and one to sleep better at night might be enough to help you and do not present health risks, unless you have schizophrenic or paranoid tendencies or can not discern between being high as a temporary physical state and think the effects are life-lasting staes. Also understand that when you are high you are not better nor worse nor have any special licence different than when you are not. It´s a personal choice and to hell with red nose intolerants and hypocrites .S2
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