burning in the breast?

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i have had burning in my breasts for about 4 months nonstop and burning underarms i have gone to the dr saids that i have fibrocystic breast im taking vitamin E and evening primrose oil for about 3 weeks now but it seem not work. what should i do
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The fibroid cysts do hurt sometimes. The only way that I can say to help with the pain, and I talking from experience, Do Not drink caffeine. That is what they can be from. I know that mine are and they will flare up when I’m about to start my period. Also, don’t wear a bra with under wire because that will put pressure on the spots. Did the doctors prescribe vitamin E and Prim rose Oil? Vitamin E can cause a lot of harm. I used to take Vitamin E because It was said to do a lot of good. That is found to be untrue. What is certain is that it can do a lot of harm.
Most websites have said the same things as far as treatment, even Mayo clinic. I have them below. Look at the fibrocystic website as they were of a different mindset. All of these are worth a try. Good luck!Treating mastalgiaNearly 85 percent of all women with breast pain respond to nonmedical treatment. Others may need medication. Treatment includes:Avoiding caffeine, cola, and chocolate Taking a supplement with 3,000 mg of evening primrose oil and 200 to 400 units of vitamin E each day Using over-the-counter pain medications such as ibuprofen or aspirin Taking prescription medications, such as bromocriptine or danazol Using oral contraceptives Reducing dietary salt, especially one to two weeks prior to the period Wearing a bra that gives good support, especially if exercising, or breasts are large Applying heat with a heating pad or warm water bottle Taking Vitamin E you need to go back and consult your dr.
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