Anti-Rape Measures?

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I was thinking of filling up my vagina with caulk or some other sort of substance. like cement. Then I wouldn’t have to worry about getting raped? Has anyone tried this?
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I have heard there is a Eurpoean country that has outlawed rape. Not for the apparent reasons, but because women wear their pants to tight in that country that they are almost impossible to remove. So buy tight pants and go about your day! Your use of the word caulk is hilarious. But seriously, why not pack heat? If anyone tries to rape you, you could do the world a favor.
metal panties. get a big lock for them, make sure they got a hinge. make the lock a combo, so you can open it whenever without having a key someone can grab and open it with. all you have to do is watch your self and be aware of youre surroundings. if you know whats going on then you wount have to worry about it and if something like thats arises self defense classes do the trick! 😉
chastity beltor incision wear a strap on! that would scare the hell out of him and it is safer! he will think your a trans and run like hell!
You have got to be kidding? Caulk?? Cement? If you’re that worried about it get a chastity belt- much safer (just dont lose the keys in case you find someone you like). Really sister, you needto talk to someone about this degree of fear, it’s not healthy tothink like that. The world is a mean and nasty place, but I dontthink we’ve yet come to cementing up vaginas. Maybe you should move to a more remote part of theworld, take up martial arts, dont wear provocative clothing,and most definately, stay away from cement trucks andconstruction sites.
Very stupid idea. Don’t ever think of doing it. Even if you do, will it be able to protect you from other sorts of rapes, like anal or oral? No!. If you really want to avoid rape, take social measures instead of this medical one. For example, avoid going to those places or taking that path, where you feel that you will be all alone. If you have to take that risk, get company of any of your friend. Avoid wearing such dresses, that might attract men sexually (until and unless you are in a party or with friends) tell the rapper lols i luv u. too bad i’m les =/ kidding manz! -_-”
not a great idea- a .357 magnum and shooting lessons ought to do the trick, though. i think it is the best idea , put some melting plastic ,it will be like mold ..u can even patent it honey, ir make a pusssy lock password protected
You’re troubled. Dress less provocative while you’re in public. Then again, I don’t mind looking at a sexy woman walking by me in those daisy dukes and all. Booty and breasts! Wooo! Hooo! -do what ya’ll do. Then how would you get it out during your period?
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