does getting your "cherry popped" hurt?

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my ex says it doesnt and i would like to knowand also if youve have oral sex does that mean you are still a virgin
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Sex is sex, oral or otherwise.Regarding your “cherry,” it’s different for everyone.
It is only painful if he is too forceful (and because he’s had sex.. be careful) and if you’re not lubed enough. If your natural juices aren’t flowing don’t try – you can always use store bought lube, but when your natural lube is flowing, you tend to be more relaxed and it will be more enjoyable and easy.You’ve got the upper hand in this situation, so you can insist on lots of foreplay!!And technically oral isn’t sex, but it is sexual. You can still be a virgin, but just not an oral virgin….And talk! Guys can’t read minds & neither can you. Tell him whats working, ask him what he wants. Sex is more than turning off the lights, fumbling around and then its over. Be comfortable enough with the person to talk about that stuff is KEY!!!P.S. The more noise you make (as cheezie as that sounds) the hotter it is for both involved!!
Yes it hurts.Yes it’s sex. Your definition of virginity can be subjective, though. Some people believe that an intact hymen is the only qualification for virginity, others believe engaging in any sexual activity ends virginity.Any activity that leads to orgasm and has the potential to pass STD’s is sex, and that includes oral sex.
it depends, if it’s a girl no. if your with an adequate dude hell yeah! if you do it yourself absolutely!
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