how do women masturbate?

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how do women masturbate?
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Ugh.. i hate to think..Im gay and the thought just grosses me out..Penis is MUCH betterhahaMike
Whoohoo! 2 more points 🙂
fingers dildos dong lol
Go ask your mama to show you
I’m kind of questioning how young you are, and if I should be telling you this or not.Buuuut, either way, kid or not, you’re gonna find out evetually, so..Sex toys and fingers..I ain’t goin in to great detail on this.Go watch some porn or something, something with chicks masturbating in it, then you’ll figure it out.
If you must ask then you are probably not ready to know. You should go talk to your mommy or daddy. Stay young while you can little boy! why do you ask?
A lot of girls shave their ***** and this makes it look more inviting, sensitive, and you aren’t pulling on hairs when you masturbate. It also makes it easier to see things down there. Sometimes in life we are taught that sex and masturbation is dirty. Or if our families are strict or religious we are taught we will go to hell for pleasuring ourselves. But I don’t believe any of that is true. So sometimes we have a difficult time getting started knowing that these feelings of guilt may arise. This is more common among females. So one way to get started is to not even touch yourself at all. Lay in bed naked and get a mirror. Look at your genitals in the mirror. Open up your ***** lips and explore. Take your time. This is what your partner sees. You’ll notice the changes while watching and even see it change color and your ***** lips become larger. You’ll also feel yourself getting wet, hot, and horny. Even watch some juices flow out of your *****. I used to just blow onto my girlfriend’s ***** and watch the juices flow out of her and she would wiggle around because that made her so horny! And I never even touched her. Cool huh? Now get in the bathtub and take a nice relaxing bath with candles and your favorite music. Really relax. When you feel ready, turn on the water from the tub spout to the temperature of your liking. Put your legs up the wall so that the water is running on your clit. The water pressure will make you have an orgasm soon. And if you don’t, well that’s ok too. Just keep doing this and eventually you will ***. Don’t think about anything else but yourself and allow yourself plenty of time. After you have *** a few times from doing this, it is then time to move to your hands and sex toys. Lay in bed and let your hands run free. Again, explore your entire body. Learn what and where you like to be touched. If you feel you aren’t wet enough, use saliva or a lubricant like Astroglide (found near the condom display in the store). Slide a finger or two inside your *****, rub your clit with your thumb. Run them inside and out, back and forth. Or just rub your clit until the sensations are overwhelming. Fantasize, or read some adult letters or pictures. Try phone sex. Listening to someone talk erotically to you on the phone can be a huge turn on for some people. I personally enjoy phone sex and there are plenty of college girls in my area who indilge in this also. You talk to a stranger so he doesn’t know who you are. You can’t get an STD or pregnant and no one knows what you look like. You satisfy yourself and hang up. No commitments either. See if there is a local party line in your area. This service is free in many parts of the USA. That is if your interested in this. But it’s wildly popular and it’s becoming the safe sex of the new millenium. Or, stand in front of the mirror and masturbate or videotape yourself doing it. This can be a real thrill for some people also. Try masturbating outdoors. Once you learn the many different ways and places you can masturbate; you will be an old pro soon and then the feelings will just flow naturally. After you become aroused, spread your legs and begin touching yourself. As the pleasure grows you will know what to do instinctively. When you’re ready; purchase some sex toys. You can get them in most adult stores found in bigger cities or even off the internet. Now you can move onto sex toys. I would try a vibrator first. They come in all shapes and sizes so get something you might enjoy. This could be the beginning of your collection. I had a girlfriend who had several toys. Including one that I swear had to be kick-started it was so huge! But it satisfied her plenty. When you feel ready, ask your partner to join you and you want him to watch you masturbate. You want him to see how you’ve learned to satisfy yourself. You want him to learn how to do this to you so you can BOTH share this pleasure in the future. This is called bonding and it is a beautiful thing. And if he wants he can masturbate along with you. Make sure you are both clean and are using a safe form of birth control. Using birth control can really put your mind at ease and allow you to enjoy your lovemaking that much more. Here are some links you may find useful: and http://www.sweet and -faq.htm If you want you can do a search on Google entering “Female Masturbation”. That’s where I found these sites. And you can join some clubs in Yahoo and MSN Communities that are tailored to this subject. Excite might have some also. I may be long-winded but I try to be as complete as possible. I hope I have helped you, let me know how things turn out.
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