Can you have sex while your on your period?

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Can you have sex while your on your period?
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Period = Vagina on strike
Go hard in the shower works, or towles my partner do that all the time
Yeah but thats extremely gross, who would want to do that?
yea but thats gross like really really gross its nasty
Yes – but better get out the towels(preferably red) or you might get a very dirty bed – better still do it in the shower!But some blokes find it disgusting!
yes, and many men will do it. also its messy but safe.
you can but you better be really careful and make sure it is protected sex, if you can get past the mess it is okay, some women have reported that it is more enjoyable!
Yes but it’s kinda messy.
yes but guys don’t like too
if you feel conferable with this you can
Yes. It’s messy but you can. If you do, you still need to use a condom. It’s not about getting pregnant. ya u can it can just get a lil messy and be weird, but u wont get hurt or nething
Yes. It’s probably messy and unpleasent, but whatever turns you on . . .
yes you can, just put a towel underneath you cause it can be messy!!
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