I don’t know what to make of this?

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I have irregular periods and ever since I took ovulex my periods have been coming every month. I don’t take ovulex anymore though. Can someone tell me if it seems like my period is regulating? had period 5/23/2006 , 6/6/2006 , 7/7/2006 and 8/5/2006. Can I conceive if periods keep going like this or should I wait until they’re every 28 days?
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Your period can vary in time from a couple of days to a week. Being able to concieve shouldn’t be affected too much by a slight irregularity in the time your cycle begins. If you are really trying to concieve you should get an ovulation predictor, these are relatively inexpensive (about $20), and it can help nail down the exact day that you should have sex in order to give yourself the best chance of conception. In any case, I wouldn’t worry about being a couple of days off, most women don’t start on the exact same day every month. You should be fine. Good luck and Blessed Be. V-
You are more likely to concieve after your period becomes more regular, but you can concieve any time. Many people concieve after missing one or two birth control pills. I became pregnant after 9 days off of birth control. If you are ready to be a mom, why wait to try? Have fun trying to concieve, but don’t stress if it doesn’t happen right away. If you have never been regular off of birth control, it may take a bit longer than average for you to concieve. But if you don’t get prego after 6-12 months without birth control, see your doctor just to make sure everything is working inside you and the father-to-be. Good luck, and have a happy, healthy baby! so what
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