can the smell of cat pee hurt a preganacy?

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can the smell of cat pee hurt a preganacy?
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No, but stay away from the cat box
no but kitty litter can.
Cat feces is very dangerous while your are pregnant. If you have a cat, have someone else clean the littler box, stay away from it!
i know your not supposed to be changing kitty litter when your pregnant, im not sure why but its very un healthy for baby.
if its a completely rotton smell nd its all around you nd its there for hours it might cause a bit of stress nd stuff
I’m not sure about that, but it sure is an affront to my senses!
No, but during pregnancy certain smells can bother you more. Pregnant women are advised not to change the kitty litter because of the risk of Toxoplasmosis.
kissing gives u cancer.
No it doesn’t. But I think this is to safeguard pregnant women from handling pet’s faeces because pregnant women are more likely to contact salmonella and other infection from handling pets.
No, the smell won’t harm you, but pregnant or otherwise, women shouldn’t handle cat waste. It contains toxoplasmosis which can harm in utero babies. nope.
It is their feces you need to worry about, it is dangerous to have a cat around when you are pregnant.
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