I didn’t bleed when I lost my virginity? Is that normal??

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I didn’t bleed when I lost my virginity? Is that normal??
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Absolutely. Not all women bleed or have any pain at all. There is nothing wrong with you.
totally normal
yes, that is normal. i didn’t bleed either. some women are born without the hymen, and some break it in other ways. regardless of what way you came to not having a hymen, you didn’t have one, so it didn’t break.
Yes, that is perfectly normal. Some bleed and some don’t. There is nothing to worry about.
Yes, I’ll let someone else explain
No, you should go directly to your church or synagoge and confess your sins! YES, it’s completely normal and very common. It probably didn’t happen because you use tampons and already broke the hymen membrane many years ago. Nothing to worry about at all.
Yep, absolutely! It is normal, some girls do and some girls don’t. So don’t worry.
I had a really bad experiance, I never had intercourse until after i got married and guess what? I did not bleed my husband was sooooo pissed and after 1 1/2 of marriage he does not trust me and thinks i will cheat on him becasue of it.
Some women bleed when they lose their virginity and others do not, there is no “normal.” Any bleeding that may occur when a woman loses her virginity typically occurs if a woman’s hymen is still intact at the time of her first intercourse. But, most women do not have an intact hymen at the time they begin sexual activity. Usually, women’s hymen’s are ruptured due to non-sexual activities such as riding a bike. You have no reason at all to be worried.
Some girls are born without a hymen, or it may have broken while you were playing sports, when you were a kid, or from masturbation or tampon usage. It may also not have been thick enough to cause bleeding when it tore.
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