how do you know if you are having a miscarriage?

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my period shouldnt be here for another wk-wk and a half, and i am having HEAVY bleeding with VERY bad cramps in my stomach and my lower back, but during myperiod my lower back doesnt hurt. drs said i wasnt pregnant, but it was only 2 days after the last time i had sex, wasnt it too soon to tell? Also, this pain is to the point where i cant walk and i want to throw up, could this be a miscarriage or just an early period with severe cramps? *i went to the dr last night and they said that it was nothing. if it is a miscarriage, and they did a pregnancy test would it say i was pregnant?* sorry so many questions, but im curious and scared..please let me know..
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it would show up because your hcg level would be readable by now. i would say your having a really bad period sorry that sucks, but its better than the alternative. Or you might have an infection you need a doctor to clear up with antibiotics If your hurting that bad see a doc
May you should seek a second opinion. That doesn’t sound like a normal period, especially not being able to walk.
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