Any info for a teen girl?

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Any info for a teen girl?
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dnt smoke drink use drugs have unprotected sex or sex for that mater wait till ur older wiser and ready u can make a mistake u cannt change stay in school study hard trus me u need ur education enjoy life wen ur young have fun but not 2 much stay away frm the haters
Yes, be yourselfbe nice to otherswork hard to reach your goalstry out for a sportdon’t fall in love too have a lifetime for that.and most important, enjoy life!
I don’t have much to add to the first two ladies’ answers, they are both great. Just to say to find something to believe in, something to have faith in, so that when the chips are down and life hits you hard, you can get back up and keep on livin’. Grow to be the strongest woman you can be. Don’t rely on others, but know they are there if you need them. Don’t take ANYTHING for granted-not your mother, not the roof over your head, the food in your stomach. Strive to become friends with your Mother one day-you won’t regret it, but realize that time won’t come until your 20s. Good luck, girl! Make us proud!
don’t smoke and do not do drugs. take music in school learn to play READ try to go to college. Have fun Have Boy- friends before BOYFRIENDS. Learn to love your family as they are all you’ll ever really be able to count on. Trust yourself Become your own best friend first and then make friends,
No smoking, drinking or your mom and feel free to get her advice on anything.
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