when do i see the affects of smoking ?……?

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if i started smoking when i was 14 im 17 now
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it feel that you are not alert at all times.
You said “see” so I will talk about the physical affects on the outside first.You can probably see them already, and just dont know it. Your skin is not as good as it should be. It is more oily than it should be Besides that, your skin is affected by heat and cold differently. You will stay hot longer in the heat and cold longer in the cold. You may not realize this but your sense of taste has decreased also. Going inside scares me, your lungs are just crying for air. Trust me, I have been smoking for about 10 years. I started one before you did. By the time you are 30, you will look about 38/40.But you will start to notice alot more in about one or two years. Go to your nearest hospital and walk down the cardio vascular ward. Pick a door and ask them how long they’ve been smoking. Then ask them how messed up their body is.But as a teenager, you’ll already see it in the wrinkles around your eyes and the lack of boys wanting to date you, as they prefer non-smokers (pure statistics, actually).
You may not see them already, but I can almost guarantee there is a difference in your lungs and in your pulmonary function tests.When you may see the affects, may be when your lungs are really damaged.
when you have yellow teeth,bad breath,and lots of very unattractive wrinkles.stop now.
As you get older you will notice that your face is more wrinkled than non smokers.
If you listen to the Liberl croud you would be dead by now.On the other hand I started smoking at thirteen and am 49 now and I do not have cancer or any of the other things that they tell me that I should have and I am still alive.
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