does any one know how to make your period come quicker? or is it not possible?

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does any one know how to make your period come quicker? or is it not possible?
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have a lot of spicy food, jump.excercise well! also eat a lot of papayas!
take the morning after pill
if your on the pill keep taking it with no breaks. you will miss your period completely
Depends on whether you have actually started your period yet? If you have not started your periods yet then no you can make it come quicker but if you have and you are taking the contraceptive pill and you stop taking it you will normally have a period. but otherwise i don’t think so
Not possible. Unless you’re on the pill and you mess around with when you stop and start taking them you can’t. And even on the pill you’d have to be really careful and speak to your doctor to make sure you didn’t become at risk of getting pregnant from taking pills the wrong times. Take the pill for a while and come off it mid cycle, that will bring your period forward or it can postpone it if you take the “combined” pill continously for 2 months
Now why would you want to do that ? You puzzle me hun. R u young and not started yet ?orR u older and need to bring your period forward for a reason?if so .. WHY ?However the answer still remains the same. NO it’s not possible.
i’m not sure its possible unless you take the pill
If you want to delay your period for a few days then your GP can prescribe you Northisterone. You need to take this for three days before your period and three times a day until you want your period to start. After stopping the medication your period should come within two days.
I find if i get really emotional or upset over something I get it earlier.
If you mean quicker as in you are a menstruating woman and you want your period earlier than it’s due date, yes there are many ways to induce your period, the easiest and safest methods are the use of parsley (either as tea drank throughout the day or inserted into the vagina and changed throughout the day), increase in vitamin C and water, or of course the good old favourite – sex!There are actually a hell of a lot of ways, some I am too lazy to write out here to be honest with you, if you look around online you’ll find a lot of ways – usually it is using similar herbs as would be used in herbal contraception, herbal emergency contraception or herbal abortion. You might want to try looking at sites like Sister Zeus.
not possible
well its no such way its natural
why would you want your period quicker? i would rather not have mine at all ever
belend two eggs in milk and drink. period starts quicker
I find planning a night out, digging out my lovely white trousers..then BAM! My monthly shows up just to ruin my plans! Lol, damned body!
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