Daylight Savings Time & the Birth Control Pill?

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Since the clocks went back one hour, does this mean I should take my pill an hour earlier or does it not matter? I usually take it at 9, so should I take it at 8?
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I’m on Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo also and I took mine at the same time. I think an hour won’t hurt. The only time you should worry if it’s like 3 or more hours
No. Continue to take it the same time (9) every day.I have been taking the pill for thirteen years. I have never changed the time I take it for Daylight Savings Time. I tried it during the first year I took it. It messed up my cycle.
it doesn’t matter.They suggest the same time each day to keep the horomones as stable as possible.if you took it one night then the next morning, you would have too much then too little.
i believe you should probably take it an hour earlier just to be on the safe side. cause they say you should take it every 24 hours and we lost an hour so yes then take it at 8.
It won’t matter either way. One hour one way or the other is insignificant and will not make any difference.
I took mine at the same time as always, despite the time change.I’m on Ortho-Tri-Cyclen Lo, and my instructions say to take it at “about the same time every day.” One hour won’t make a difference.Even the pills that are very time-sensitive (progestin only, or the “mini-pill”), allow a three-hour window before you have to use a backup method.
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