For everyone that had something negative to say about me having an abortion.?

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It was out of my hands. My parents made me have that abortion I was talking about . I was only 17 at the time and they had the final say. Now I am 18 and my boyfriend that I have been with since I was 13 have a place of our and he takes good care of me. We want to start a family. We are going off to get married on Friday so all of the negative comments I got you can keep them. all I need is helpful advice.
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Hey.I looked & didnt see a question from you on an “Abortion”? Perhaps you included it in another answer.I just dont recall seeing it? People will ALWAYS have their own opinion on EVERYTHING we throw their way. Even you & I. :DPLEASE dont take “Personally” things people say to “Judge” you. (I realize this may be easier SAID than DONE)It is OUR body & we can do whatever we see fit. (Generally speaking)It is sad that your parents “MADE” you have an abortion & I hope this does not “AFFECT” you.for the rest of your life. Like in a “Negative” manner. I am a firm believer that.”There Is A Reason For Everything”. You may not, or even in a long time to come.what the reason was, for your parents’ decision.but trust me when I say.there “Was” a reason for it. 😉 I think you will know the reason.eventually. It is in MY opinion that, since you were 17, (and under this situation) still classified as a “Minor”, especially if you were living under THEIR roof (IF that matters at all), they DID have the “Legal” right to make that decision. I wish you and your future husband the VERY BEST in life. CONGRATULATIONS! :DMy thoughts & prayers are with you. HAVE A TERRIFIC DAY RENEE!PS: Chola.I just came back in here after, sending mine then reading your reply. I had to comment.your words are so very sweet! You have a very big heart. Thank-You for these words of advice to her! I am CERTAIN that your words may very well help OTHER (***Young) readers! (***cause I am sorta an oldie too) LOLI gave you a THUMBS UP on that 1! WooT!
Good luck sista! Congratulations on the boyfriend and the place together! That sucks that your parents made you do that..bastards..
i’m happy for you , all the best
No one can MAKE you do anything not even your parents. Unless they were holding a gun to your head then you didn’t need to have the abortion. But anyway i wish you well and good luck in starting a new family. Hope your wedding goes well on friday.GOD BLESS!
First of all, you shouldnt let other people make decisions for you. if you wanted to keep the baby, you could have. You made the decision to listen to your parents.Second, it was probably a good decision to have an abortion. You’re very young. Even having a baby at 18 seems young. You have to decide for yourself, but have you considered how expensive it is to have a baby. Go to and look at the price of diapers. Keep in mind you go through several diapers a day. Then look up the price of formula, baby food, clothes, toys, pre-natal vitamins, factor in medical bills for you before the baby, when having the baby, and in case you need to stay at the hospital a couple extra days (because it’s your first baby, it’s likely it will be difficult). Then add in dr bills and immunizations for the baby in the first year. When you consider all that, are you and bf in a position to have a baby? I’m not saying you shouldnt do it, but very few people your age are in a financial position to have a baby. Just think very hard before you make your decision. You wont lose anything by waiting a few years, you only have things to gain. If you feel like youre ready considering everything I’ve said above, then you have your decision. Goo luck
Good luck on your upcoming marriage and glad that you found someone to make you happy. I am sorry that other people judged you on you having an abortion – they did not know the whole story I am sure to throw negative comments at you!
your parents can’t make you have an abortion! Thats illegal.
You can’t post a question about such an emotionally charged subject as abortion and expect that everyone will be nice. It just isn’t going to happen no matter what your reasons for getting an abortion are. Just ignore the mean answers and focus on the good ones.By the way, if you were 17 and had an abortion because your parents “forced” you to, you may not be ready to have a baby now. If you were ready to have a baby, you would have found a way around your parents decision. But you didn’t, you went along with it. There are many things you could have done to defy your parents including moving out of thier home. You could have applied for public assistance to help you out. Your boyfriend could have helped you out. Girls do it all the time. The fact that you didn’t and it was only 2 months ago(?) suggests that you are not mature enough to take on the responsibility of a child yet. You might want to wait a year or so.
yea abortion is the worst thing and people shouldn’t judge. sometimes there is nothing a girl can do especially in your case with your parents. im sorry for your loss but good luck with everything and i hope you have a wonderful NEW life! take care!
Good luck! I wish you well.
I don’t know what the comments were about your abortion. I’m sorry that you were judged by others. However, some people are giving advice because they are older and more experienced. Please seriously consider that the likelihood of this relationship lasting with a boy you met when you were 13 is very slim. Don’t be ready to give your life to him when you are so young. However, you will do what you want, so all I can say is, good luck to you.
In your case, it was pretty much out of your hands. I do not approve of abortion, but I also understand that everyone makes mistakes. Just because you did something that I don’t approve of does not mean you are a horrible person. One sin is just as bad as every other sin. Meaning, if I lied for is the same in God’s eyes as your abortion. Good luck on getting married.I am getting married in a few months.I hope you can start a happy and healthy family!
Somethings are beyond out control…Good luck to you in the future.
I have to try to help u, will go to the abortion issue later, 1st about the getting married, I also got married at 18, we were together all thru high school, I did just what u r going to do, but that is many yrs. ago wish I was 18 again! Please dont make my mistake, I ended up staying married to him for 18yrs. I was so unhappy, that is a long story, but the bottom line is I did finally get a divorce, why look back now. What I ask u to do is ask yourself and be honest to yourself, why r u wanting to get married so fast? Please when u read this understand this is no judgement against your boyfriend, I want u to just sit by yourself and really give this thought, it took me yrs. to be honest with myself, I was finnally honest and my answer was I wanted to leave home, my father was a alcholic, I wanted also to be taken care of, even though I worked, I just had to show everyone how grown up I was, needless to say he was not the same after we married, and as the yrs. went on seemed he was still thinking and treating me as if I were still a teenager! Please u and your boyfriend talk and ask each other if its real love why not just wait, your together anyway, but r u so sure or would just a 6 month wait help u both to be sure, I just want u both to be happy, wish I had been given advice, even if u dont wait at least I hope u r sure, remember I was 18 at one time to, hell never even thought or knew how fast time goes by! Whatever you and him decide I wish u both the best and my blessing, as for the abortion u cannot look back now, and believe me no one has the right to judge u, my situation was different but I had to have a abortion, my 2nd husband and I have been married 13 yrs now,happy yrs. and I became pregnant our 1st yr. but come to find out I had a tumor that made having a baby dangerous, I know what a abortion is, scary and of course sad no matter what the circumstance, I also have a friend since 7th grade and her parents made her have a abortion so in a way I know how u must feel, if its anything like my friend, she was a mess, and bitter with her parents, I can only imagine how scary it must be to be in a abortion clinic at such a young age,and against your will! It makes me sad to think of it, you went thru hell and o thers dont have a clue, unless they have been there! But dont worry u just like my dear friend will when its the right time have a beautiful healthy baby, and I just know u will be the best mom! By the way that friend I told u about was only 14 at the time, she stayed with her boyfriend and they were married at the age of 20 and this yr will be their 30th anniversary! See were old now! Big 50!LOL, and they have 2 wonderful sons, and now a grandbaby! All will go well for u just make sure u r doing what is right for u! If u do get married now, please take at least a yr.before having your baby, that way u have time to enjoy each other, and be more stable. Once u have a baby believe me its a whole new life, dont take this wrong I loved having my daughter, the feeling was like oh what a miracle! But u have so many changes remember u and your husband will be responsible for a new life! Now thats amazing when u look at it that way! You will want more for your child than u had we as good parents do, remember the most precious gift u will ever give your child no matter how old he or she is will always be your love,time, and support,and beyond even that make sure your child can always come to u and talk, I wish I could have with my parents, but I never could! My daughter always could and still does and I cant believe she is 30 see what I mean how fast time goes by! I have a grandson so I have been blessed again! Bless u and do whats in your heart, but give my words some thought, wish u the best in life!
I can understand what you have gone through you were young but now my humble request as you start life together with your boyfriend speak to him the truth which will set you free from all condemmnation aks forgiveness from JESUS the God of LOVE and start a new life with a thankfull and loving way GOD BLESS YOU with every good thing and keep you in good health.
I don’t totallly agree with abortion but I can definately understand that you had to make that choice because of your parents influence. I may be wrong but maybe now you are resenting your parents for not letting you make the whole decision yourself, so now you are choosing to rebel run off with your boyfriend and get married, something I’m sure your parents aren’t too happy with.You are still very young and have many years ahead of you to get married and have children. Take the opportunity to meet other men, go to college, and be FREE! If it was meant for you and your boyfriend to be together than it shouldn’t matter how long you wait to get married. But whatever choice you do make I wish you luck!
i am totally pro-life, but my mom was forced to have an abortion when she was 17 so i sorta know how it goes. just move forward. dont worry about what people have to say about it. its your life. its your business..its between you, your bf, your parents, and God (pardon me if you dont believe in God). just try to forgive your parents and move on with your life. doesnt mean you have to forget, but you wont get anywhere if you dwell on it.
i hope i didn’t offend you in any way. but you are young and before you have a baby maybe you should give your heart time to heal over the loss of your first baby. replacing it won’t take the pain away you will still always think about that baby. take some time to heal. learn to love yourself and your boyfriend.
You know what, it doesn’t matter whether anyone agrees with you or not. This is YOUR life and you need to do what is right for you. Don’t listen to negative people, especially if they are being negative about you. What gives them the right? Nothing at all. They need to understand this, but unfortunately they don’t. They think that you “need” to hear their rants & raves to change your ways. That’s too bad, because one person can not, EVER, judge another person. And yet, they do. So, forget about them. And feel sorry for them, because if they are judging you, they are neglecting their own problems in life.Congratulations on your upcoming wedding my dear. It sounds like your relationship is rock solid, so good for you. I hope you and he are blessed with children and have a great life.
i imagine your parents were doing you a favor i dont’ imagine its very fun having a baby when your 17.. i imagine all the fun you would have messed out on..
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