How can a 20 yr old girl increase her breast ?

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How can a 20 yr old girl increase her breast ?
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by changing the food habit and by doing breast massage regularly.
well breasts are made out of fat cells. so if you really want breasts, then you will have to gain weight if they don’t come naturally. So if you want big breasts you will have to deal with a big middle. PS. breasts size is not that big of deal anymore. Guys are not necessarily into big breasts anymore, it was a phase, ya guys still obsess, but most guys just want the real things instead of fakes.
by giving pressure on it
Have adequate amounts of protein rich foods like eggs, milk, pulses, nuts, and poultry in the daily diet. Do regular exercises for the breast like arm flinging. Stand erect, upper arms extended side wards at shoulder level, elbows bent, outstretched fingers touching in front of chest. Press elbows backward and upward. Do not let elbows drop. Return arms to starting position and then fling hands and arms out ward, backward and upward as far as possible.
There are pills you can take such as harmone pills to increase your breast size .Just like Transexuals lol . Don’t do the surgery because when you do sugery there are risks .
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