I masturbate almost every day, but the disadvantage is the smell?

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I don’t want the smell.is there any way to get rid of the smell I mean I take a shower after that but my room and especially bed stinks and my parents don’t have any air freshener or anything. now i know it still stinks there but i cannot distinguish the smell anymore.perhaps i have gotten used to it.will opening the window or door help? what can i do? pleeeeeease help.i don’t want my parents to figure out..too much embarassment..anyway i don’t want to live with that smell
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If it’s a fishy smell you might have a vaginal bacterial infection in which case you should go to the doctor. It’s treatable through medication.
well, can u afford GLADE brand airfreshner for around $1.19+Tax?if so, do so because it works, and yes open ur windows for air works, oh, i mean take a showerWOULD U GIVE THIS A BEST ANSWER?
sometimes smell its a sign of a vaginal infection.. i think that you should take care of the first n then try to have some candles or incence to mask the smell.
okay do that in the shower and as soon as u get out just wile Ur fresh that’s what other people do give me the best answer
If you smell that badly you have a problem. You should see a doctor to make sure your female parts aren’t diseased. try spraying perfume in your room
if your at least 12 or 13 your parents already know what your doing.. but you can always buy air freshener for yourself 2 bucks for a canister tops
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