Girls and women only please?

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What age did you start shaving “down there” how much did you shave? I am 14, do think I should shave “down there”? I imagine it is more hygenic or do you think I am too young?
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u r not too young, you shud hv strtd b4, i shave everything around it.
I only started shaving down there because I was wearing a bathing suit and didn’t want the ol’ short and curlies to make an appearance and freak anyone out. It is not more hygenic to shave down there. It might be more aesthetically pleasing, but that depends on who is seeing it. Men seem to like it, but at 14 you really are too young to be showing your vagina to any man. You also are at risk for ingrown hairs when you shave your vagina, which can lead to infection.
When i started getting a period i started shaving down there.yeah..its very hygenic…
I was shaving at your age. Only the outer areas thatll show with a bikini. At 15 or 16 I totally shaved but BF hated it so I left a little patch or stripe,ect. At 19 I started shaving completely. Im 26 now and its usually bald but at times I change it,leave a stripe,maybe,but usually bald.
it doesn’t have to do with hygiene’s, it’s personal preference. Personally, i don’t do it because it itches like mad. i was shaved when i had my babies and i didn’t like it.
i started when i was 14 only becuase i just couldn’t stand having hair down there i go full shave all of’s also knwon as a brazilian (i dono why) but anyway i know more me it just makes me feel a lot cleaner down there..words of advice i use a guys razor b/c it’s made to cut the thicker hair on a guys face it helps a lot b/c a guys razor won’t catch as much on the thicker hair that grown down below..
Too young
It all depends on what you like..I wouldn’t shave too much though. Hair is “down there” to protect you from bacteria and infections.
No. You are not too young. I do not know if hygeni plays a factor. it is more of your personal preference and if you go to the beach, you do not want have a bunch of hair out of place. Shave it all. You will feel better
I statred shaving when I started having sex, but it not any more hygentic to shave
You’ve heard alot of answers. Do it if you want to, but remember one thing. Men who ask you to do that for them may have pedophilic tendencies.
its your prefence for when your ready. it is not more hyngic its actually said to stay cleaner id you do have hair.
i think shaving down there is very hygenic…and i think women should start doing it when they start their periods…i do not shave the whole thing and would suggest not doing it is very uncomfortable when it starts to grow back..but you can keep it neatly shaved and i suggest doing it every two to three days to keep it neat!and if you are old enough to have a period then i think you are old enough to decide to shave or not…i mean you should already be shaving your legs and under your arms so why is it any different there? i feel you are plenty old enough!
ur too young i started at 20 cause my bf was about to visit down ur too young.
There is no reason to shave your pubic area unless you want a shaved pubic area. I personally do not like the feeling of a shaved pubic area but lots of people do. It is a matter of what you like and not how old you are.
It is not related to your age it is depand how do you feel it. For me I keep it little bite too long coz I am think that good look.
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