Can a girl get pregnant after her period

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Technically a woman can become pregnant at any point in her cycle, however during ovulation is usually when pregnancy occurs. [ Source: ]
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Can girl get pregnant after her period?
How soon can a girl get pregnant after her period?
Everyone is different, and anything can happen at anytime. There’s no such thing as “that can never happen…” because it has happened to millions of women, including myself. I got pregnant 2 days after my period ended, unfortunat…
Can you have a priod when your pregant?
By definition, it is impossible to menstruate or have a period during pregnancy! That’s because a period is the shedding of the uterine lining (the endometrium) that occurs in response to the fall of estrogen and progesterone when you’re no…

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Can you get a girl pregnant 7 days after her period?
Q: i herad that it is highly unlikely to get a girl pregnant during then … and that ur most fertile durin the second week after her period … can some1 plz help me
A: A girl can get pregnant anytime protection is not used. Sometimes are more likely than others but there is not a time that you can not get pregnant.
Can a girl be pregnant after her period started after semi-protected sex?
Q: I made love to a girl. Put my condom on inside out, realised my mistake but foolishly turned it around and put it on, leaving some pre-cum on the outside. We had sex on ‘monday’ and then I read that precum has sperm in it. She has just started her period today (Friday). Does that mean she can’t now get pregnant from that episode or will my sperm hang around until next week?Cheers,John
A: wow that takes talent…inside out????? i guess at least you’re trying to protect the two of you. next time though just get a new condom.if she started her period i think you’re in the clear. sperm can only live 5 days in the greatest of conditions. usually only 3.
Can a girl get pregnant day after her period ends?
Q: Yesterday I was fooling around with a girl, but we DID NOT HAVE SEX. The only risk was that after i blew, i fingered her some time after. It was not right away. I am still freaked out, but she said her next period is due October 1-3.Is it possible? Likely?She said her period ended a few days ago.Please help and dont judge or post rude comments like “you shouldve thought of that first”. Yes, i know that, but people make mistakes.:(
A: yes you can get a girl pregnant before during and after her period. if you washed your hands or you didnt get your sperm on your hands its not likely you got her pregnant though its possible
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