Can you get pregnant when on your period <3

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There is a definite chance that any woman can get pregnant during her period. Thanks for doing the ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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Getting pregnant while having a monthly menses is actually quite possible. Many people are rather surprised to learn that it is possible, as those who took the required sex education class and are over the age of 25 were taught that the rhy…
There is always a chance you can get pregnant while on your period, but the chances of getting pregnant are very low. So if you are wanting to concieve a baby, the best time to try is when you are not on your period.
I asked my OB this same question last night. You can in fact get pregnant on your period. You ask why? It’s because your period produces hormones that you need for ovulation. If those hormones are high enough within your body, then if yo…

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Can you get pregnant while being on your period?
Q: Alright so me and my fiance had sex on my period and we didn’t use any protection and i’m not on the pill so i was wondering if i could get pregnant from that? Give me as much information about it as possible, THANK YOU!
can you still get pregnant while your on your period?
A: No. Ovulation needs to occur for pregnancy to occur, and ovulation does not occur during menstruation.
Can you get pregnant rite after having sex when yo period went off?
Q: just wondering ttc, and now having a yeast infection put a hold on everything for a few days
A: Yes.
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