Can you get pregnant through clothes

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Generally speaking, no, you cannot get pregnant if you’re wearing your clothes. Theoretically, anything is possible. ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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Can you get pregnant through clothes?
There’s no chance of pregnancy unless a man’s sperm actually reaches the vagina during a woman’s monthly fertile ‘window’ (the few days leading up to and including ovulation). Only women paying close attention to their cycles will know when…
Can you get pregnant with clothes on.
ASKED by retrorubie23 on June 14, 2008 – 10:03am
Could sperm get through clothes and made her pregnant??
Hie Nabil, Well if you have never had sex with her and her period is late, there are two possibilities of what could be wrong with her Nabil,・ 1) She is probably experiencing hormonal changes or flactuations that are causing her body to irr…

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Can you get pregnant through your clothes?
Q: Ok me and my boyfriend were messing around and we had dry sex or what ever you want to call it. But he had boxers and jeans and i also has jeans and underwear. I am really starting to freak out now because my period is about a week late and I am really scared that i might be pregnant. I have researched it a little bit and most people say no its not possible for it to go through clothes but I would like to hear it from here. Please help!
A: no . you are not . it’s IMPOSSIBLE . relax .
Are there many cases where people can get pregnant through clothes?
Q: Doesn’t there need to be quite a bit of sperm to land in the vagina opening in order for the sperm to acctually get up inside a girl to the fallopian tubes?? Hasn’t it been said that most sperm get killed off on their long voyage?Are there really many cases where a woman can get pregnant from “outer course” with only precum?
A: there are more then you think. you should always use protection unless you want to get pregnant.
Can she get pregnant through clothes?
Q: We were stupid and not responsible, but here goes:My underpants were off, her’s were on but nothing else. There was a little pre-ejac., a small wet spot, and we got scared. I know the chances are slim but can sperm travel through clothes and up there and impreggo?I repeat, we were not thinking, and are way too young to be worried about this. But can’t get my mind off it. Please, no lectures just answers, thanks.It seems the consensus is no. We’ll wait a few weeks…way to grow up too quickly when you let passions take over…
A: You could, but theres about a 0.0000000001% chance. And noone would believe you.
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