Can you tell if i am having a baby

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My magic 8-ball says maybe, it could go either way. ChaCha on! [ Source: ]
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How to Lose Weight After Having a Baby
・ 1 Each pregnancy is different and the amount of weight each person gains, and where she gains the weight… ・ 2 Of course you lose weight right away when the baby is born, and a certain amount of weight will normally… ・ 3 The average am…
What to Take to the Hospital When Having Baby
Preparing for childbirth is a big deal, there are so many things to think about and emotions running wild that it helps to have a checklist of items to pack to take with you to the hospital. When the time comes for you to actually leave, yo…
Is beyonce having a baby?
Beyonce is having a baby with Chris Brown. That’s why he and Rihanna had problems.

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is there any ways that i can tell if i am having a baby girl?
Q: is there any ways that i can tell what sex my baby will be besides ultrasound.i have one soon but cant wait lol is there any other ways u can tell or not?
A: Look in the chinesse calendar, it is meant for fun but hey! I include the link below. I have a boy and a girl and it predicted it right ! Just wait until the ultrasound if you awnt to buy clothes or decoration though.
How do I tell my ex-husband that I am having another baby with my current husband?????
Q: Ok, Well me and my ex-husband haven’t had the greatest relationship, but it is now a lot better and we are able to talk great. I am re-married and am expecting a baby. I have a 6 year old son with my ex-husband and I don’t know how to tell him with out ruining the good communication we have had for my son. I know deep down he will be hurt. Maybe not, maybe it’s jsut me??? Help
A: Of course you care about what your ex thinks. You don’t hate him. Plus, he will be around for sometime to come. My sincere advice. Ask him to coffee or lunch and tell him in person. This way you both can have closure, and it may even help the healing process along a little for him.
Does anyone have GREAT ways to tell family what the sex of the baby I am having?
Q: I really want to have a GREAT way of telling my family, especially my mom of what the sex of the baby is. I really want a unique way to tell them. Please help me surprise them.Thanks
A: Go to the bakery and have them bake a cake with pink and blue question marks on the icing. Tell them to make the center icing either pink or blue depending the sex of the baby. Make it a dramatic cake cutting, at your baby shower….and the center of the cake will reveal the gender!
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