How do you stop lactating

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The easiest way is just to stop breastfeeding. There are also prescription drugs which will stop the lactation process. ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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For your own health and the baby’s health obviously you should continue on, and you would be surprised to know that you could still teach your baby to nurse and then no longer have to pump. However its your choice, if you understand the ris…
How far along were you when you had the abortion? I find it strange that you are lactating usually you have to get an abortion before 13 weeks along and you should have breast tenderness but I would not expect lactation to occur so early o…
For faster pain free slowing, you can drink sage tea or mint tea. For fastest slowing, a few once-daily doses of Sudafed (60 mg) usually cause a rapid decline in milk production. Finally, cabbage leaves (crushed and cold) are for the treatm…

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How to stop my female yorkie from lactating during a false pregnancy??
Q: I have a 3 year old female yorkie…she has recently came in to heat and now she has a false pregnancy. She has not been within contact with a male dog so she can’t be pregnant. Here mammary glands are swollen and she has begun to leak milk from them. Is there anything I can do or anything to give her OTC for her to stop lactating?? I am taking her in November to get spayed. PLEASE HELP!!!
A: I have had chihuahuas go thru this as well. They usually dry up on their own within a couple of weeks. You will probably see her “mothering” a stuffed animal or blanket or something of that sort. They get kind of depressed too and need lots of extra loving during this time. You could ask the vet about something to help stop the milk, but like I said it usually tajes care of it by itself within a week or 2. You could call the local shelter and ask if they have abandoned kittens or small pups that need a foster mom. One of my chihuahuas fostered 6 pups when she had a false pregnancy.
How long can it take to stop lactating after having a baby?
Q: I had a baby 4 months ago, and still my breasts have not stopped lactating… how long can it take?
A: I stopped breast feeding when my boys were about 5 months old. They turn two on Saturday and when i have my period i still produce some milk.It changes from person to person.You should talk to your GP about it. My friend was telling me about medication that drys up your milk. worth a try
I stopped breastfeeding 6 weeks ago. How long before I stop lactating?
Q: I gave birth 8 weeks ago and stopped breast feeding my daughter after 2 weeks. I’ve noticed that while my left breast has stopped producing my right still lactates a little. Any idea how long it will be before the lactating stops?No comments on why I should breast feed please.
A: i stopped at 3 months with my first at it seemed to take about a month to stop lactating but it took between 7-9 months (the change was slow so it was hard to notice) for my breast to look the way they are going to look….i would say “back to normal” but ANY women knows just being pregnant will change your breasts and keep them from ever going back to normal. 🙂
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