How does Palmer’s Cocoa butter reduce stretch marks

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Palmer’s Cocoa Butter helps reducing stretchmarks by lubricating the skin to help it retain its natural elasticity and moisture. [ Source: ]
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Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Massage Lotion for Stretch Marks.Do…?
I had the lotion cocoa butter stuff. I was very regular about using it, but I didn’tt have good luck with it.
Does Palmer’s Cocoa Butter work for stretch marks?
Cocoa butter is really only good for the marks that are still pink-ish, it helps them turn white. If your stretchmarks are quite old and have already turned a whiter/silver color, there’s really no lotion that will lessen their appearance. …
How long does it take your stretch marks to go away when you use …?
They will never go away but you can use rosa mosqueta on them and they will plump up and be a bit less noticeable, they will fade over time, most people have some somewhere on their bodies.
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