How early can implantation occur (in early pregnancy)

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Implantation bleeding generally occurs 6 to 12 days after ovulation and fertilization. ChaCha again soon! [ Source: ]
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Are enlarged montgomery glands a early sign of pregnancy? When ca…?
Enlarged glands are not an indication of pregnancy. Implantation bleeding can occur 10 days to two weeks after conception. Best wishes, Alex

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how often does implantation bleeding occur in early pregnancy??
Q: i think im pregnant. i had a short very light period last month and i think it might have been implantation bleeding or whatever its called. is there a way to tell the difference??
A: It happens 6 to 12 days after conception. Most women don’t even get it.I did.My implantation bleeding was sooo light.I just wiped and had a little blood and that was it.But some women have a lot more blood than I did.Congrats!!
early early in pregnancy right when implantation occurs?
Q: has anybody been dead tired because im about to fall asleep and ive done absolutly NOTHING except type but still!
A: Yes, my wife had that as one of the early early pregnancy symptom (starting 5DPO). Very very tired / sleepy / dizzy. Not sure why that was the case as it is not that common. It went away in two weeks.Good luck.
Is 7 days too early to detect pregnancy/ implantation spotting?
Q: Its been 7 days since I last had sex, and my period ended approx 7 days prior to that. All of the sudden two days ago I was feeling nautious and had a little bit of a fever (it was 100 degrees) accompanied by and overwhelming feeling of exhaustion & some body aches/stiffness, while I was falling asleep I noticed the inner part of my hips were aching a little bit as well. I slept it off and was fine the next day, other then a lil bit of a fever still and some nausia, then I noticed alittle bit of spotting, that was more of a pinkish color and it was only a little bit. I still feel a lil nautious. I thought it could be the flu, but these symptoms only lasted for one night, other then the nausious feeling. Is 7 days too early for pregnancy symptoms to occur?
A: 7 days is a bit early, but possible. It takes 6-10 days after conception for the embryo to travel to the uterus and implant itself, and only after it implants will it start to produce HCG, which is the hormone that causes pregnancy symptoms. So at 7 days, you would barely have any HCG in your system, which you may or may not feel. The spotting you’re seeing could very well be implantation bleeding. You’ll just have to wait until your period is due and test if it doesn’t arrive! Good luck!
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