What does child birth feel like

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It differs for every women, some say it is the most painful thing ever, some say it’s not so bad. For me, it was horrific. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-does-child-birth-feel-like ]
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Well with my first child I had an epidural and didn’t really feel anything. Now with my second child, I didn’t get to the hospital to have the epidural before the pain started(they gave it to me right before I had to push). It hurt alot at …
Labor and delivery is different for every woman and every pregnancy, so this is a difficult question to answer. True, you use the same muscles for pushing as you do for a bowel movement, and sometimes, feces are expelled during the pushing …
Well I’ve had two kids and the honest truth is it hurts like hell and the pain is s0o bad that u keep passing out from it and then waking back up when the pain comes back and you crap and pee all at the same time when u push the baby out bu…

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What does natural child birth feel like?
Q: Many women claim it is the worst pain that they will ever experience, while others say it isn’t so bad. I asked my mother, and she said that child birth felt like her insides were coming out. I’m not pregnant. I’m just plain ol’ curious.
A: With contractions and going from 1-8cm isn’t too bad. It’s painful but tolerable. They feel like really bad period cramps, mixed with the feeling that you are something bad cramps, mixed with like someone is squeezing the life out of you from inside. They stay tolerable because inbetween contractions you feel perfectly fine. Then once you get to 8-10 cm, at the peak of the contraction you will feel like you need to push like you have to go to the bathroom. This was a hard part for me. The contractions are closer and lasting longer and you just feel like you need to do something toget rid of the pain. Then there is the pushing part. Once it is okay for you start pushing, you can literally feel the baby coming down through the birth canal. It is the worst feeling. You can feel your pelvis spreading as well as the contractions at the same time. then once the baby starts to crown, it starts burning, but you need to keep pushing. It hurts because you can feel every time the baby moves lower and lower. (basically like your mom said, like my insides were coming out) THen all of a sudden you feel the shoulders pass through, then the baby slides out and your belly kind of collapses and you can breathe again. Then you don’t feel anymore pain at all. It is the worst pain I have ever felt, but I’d do it again.
What does child birth feel like?
Q: What does child birth feel like? Can you explain the pain? I’m curious. Is it worse than taking a hard hit to the balls? Explain how bad the pain of child birth is please. =)Well I gave you all thumbs up. Thank you for your wonderful answers! Whichever one hurts worse, I think it’s safe to say child birth lasts longer.
A: Well I’ve had two kids and the honest truth is it hurts like hell and the pain is s0o bad that u keep passing out from it and then waking back up when the pain comes back and you crap and pee all at the same time when u push the baby out but the pushing part isn’t as bad as the contractions and the waiting which can go on for days. s0o to all the guys remember: Love The mother of your child No matter what and Always. And thanks god that u Will never have to go through the lovely joys of child birth.
What does child birth/labor feel like?
Q: I would like to know how badly child birth and labor feels.I’ve asked my mom but she says the only part that hurt most was the epidural, but back then the needle was MASSIVE and now and days the epidural needle is tiny. So what does the actual birth feel like?How badly does the labor hurt?
A: in all honestly, it isnt that bad. it wasnt a walk in the park- it hurt really bad but it was managable. i wasnt screaming like you always see girls on tv. I was in labor for 17 hours before i gave birth- pain medication free!! and i will do it that way every time. um actually delivering a child stings. thats the only way i can describe it. grab your eye lid and pull it really far out, and then once you dont think you can pull it any more- pull it a little further and you will feel what the stinging feels like ( just a little worse)
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