What happens if you forget to take your birth control for one days

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What happens if you forget take birth control pills one day??
The chances of you becoming pregnant are slim to none as long as you continue to take the pill the following day. Hope that helped!

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What happens if you forget to take birth control for one day?
Q: my friend wants to know shes worried she’ll forget to take it for a day, shes not gonna have sex but she wants to know what the affects for the month will be.
A: Well, if she skipped the day entirely, then she should take 2 pills the next day. She might have some spotting or bleeding, and possibly some cramping; both are normal.If she were having sex, then it isn’t necessary to use backup, though its always advisable.
What happens if I forget to take the birth control pill for 3 days?
Q: I forgot to take it for 3 days and then I took 2 each day until I caught up
A: your birth control comes with instructions
what happens if you miss taking your birth control some days but take it the next day?
Q: sometimes i forget to take a my birth control pill one day but i take it the next day…whats my chance of getting pregnant? And what if i dont take my pills at the same time everyday?
A: birth control taken correctly is at 99% effective. When you forget or take them at different times everyday, that precent goes down. I suggest not having sex until you can at least take them correctly for a month. I just take mine whenever I go to bed. Set them by your toothbrush or alarm clock. You’ll never forget and then you’ll be in the habit after a few months.
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