When is a girl most fertile and least fertile

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Most women ovulate anywhere between Day 11 – Day 21 of their cycle (most fertile). But you can get pregnant anytime. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/when-is-a-girl-most-fertile-and-least-fertile ]
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When is the least fertile time for a girl?
There are several approaches for this answer. Firstly what is your definition of ‘girl’? Is it a female human being of any age ? Or is it something else? i.e. Girl is often referred to a particularly a young female of a reasonable age a…
When is a girl least fertile during her cycle?
Bc pills are 98% effective month in and month out, if you take them exactly as instructed every day the same time. Read the insert.. And no one really knows when any single woman is fertile if she isn’t on bc pills…….. some ovulate duri…

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What time of the month is a girl most and least fertile?
Q: No, I’m not looking to use this as birth control or anything. I just wanna know when a girl is most fertile and least fertile. My periods don’t occur on the regular 4-week cycle, but they always occur on a 3-week cycle. (in other words they always come every 3 weeks). So can anyone say when I’d be most and least fertile? Once again, this isn’t my method of birth control, this is out of curiousity!!
A: go to babycenter.com and check the ovualtion calander. enter you info and it will tell you thew day you ovualte. but sprem can live up to 3-5 days in you body,
When is a girl most and least fertile?
Q: I have pretty regular 28-day cycles. Sometimes they are 26 days and sometimes they’re like 30 days, but they’re usually somewhere around 28 days. So when would i be most fertile, and when would I be least? (btw, this isn’t my idea of birth control or anything)
A: on a 28 day cyle you will ovulate at about 14 days from the first day of your last period. You are the least fertile while on your period.Sperm can live about four days so you can get pregant from having sex about 2 days before your ovulate and about 2 after. The safest bet is to count the 10 or so days in the middle of the month as fertile.
When is a girl least fertile during her cycle?
Q: I’ve heard everything from the week before she menstrates from two weeks after or during. Which is it?And when on birth control, does this still apply even the slightest bit?
A: depends, some women ovulate before their period, some during and most after. BC wont make a difference. hope this helps
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