What percent of people are shy

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48 percent of people identify themselves as shy. Only 15 to 20 percent actually fit the stereotype of the ill-at- ease person. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-percent-of-people-are-shy ]
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What is the percentage of shy people who actually .
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What percent of people are born %Shy, %Outgoing or %in between?
A: It’s pretty much 100% inbetween. This is a dimension, that forms pretty much a normal distrubtion – most people are in the middle somewhere. They also change in different situations (depending on comfort) and we have no idea how many people are *born* one way or another because by the time we can test them, they’ve had a lot of influence from environmental factors.
Why do Cancerian people judge shy people?
Q: In my experience, being a shy person, I find Cancerians can be judgmental of shy people because they think that shy people are hiding or concealing something from them (and also that shy people are purposely trying to be shy), the main reason being because shy people are quiet and tend to not say much. I know I’m shy, but 99 percent of the time, I really don’t conceal or try to deceive anyone by not saying anything. So why was I accused of not saying the truth when I was saying the truth??? Okay, so I tend to confuse Cancer people by the way I talk, but it doesn’t mean that I’m lying. (I hate being falsely accused of something I didn’t do). I also find that sometimes a Cancer can judge a person based on whether or not that person is interesting and entertaining, it makes the judged person feel as if they don’t have any personal worth because they aren’t entertaining and super-interesting to the Cancer person… Does this make any sense? Why judge an entire person on whether or not they can entertain? Cancer people can be misunderstanding of another person’s motives and personal beliefs and then act as if they knew that specific person more than that person knows themselves. (Which is why I wish they would clarify what they believe about rather than assume they know exactly what is going on). Well, I’m not trying to lie or anything when it comes to talking so I’m just wondering what y’all think of all this. Peace.
A: Because they themselves often have secrets as well.
how to get a girlfriend and not be shy?
Q: hi i really dont want to be shy i mean ive got a serious problem i can only go to a certain percent before i start duttering and lose my train of thoughtyes this is so i can get a girlfriend.
A: Aw. =] Well you could always just be friends with the girls first, but play around with them too so you won’t be put automatically into the friend zone, most girls do that. :[ Uhm. You could also just see them as any other person, think about it, they really are just like you, waiting and *wanting* to listen to what you have to say, it’ll be fine. If you lose your train of thought, it’s O.k. to be random, so say something else, doesn’t really matter, plus it might be funny. O.o And well, remember that even if u do everything right, it doesn’t mean they won’t laugh at you…don’t let that scare you…but just let it remind you that you can’t satisfy people, keeping that in mind, satisfy yourself and just have fun for now and learn to laugh at your mistakes, makes people look at you differently and think, ‘well, he’s not that bad.’ All this advice…o.O makes ya think, no? Bottom line: shyness is caring too much, sometimes, don’t care about how other people view you, just be you.
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