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Can sweat clog my pores and cause pimples

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Pores are openings through which sweat is released, but they often become clogged with a combination of dead skin cells and oil, which causes acne. ChaCha again soon! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-sweat-clog-my-pores-and-cause-pimples ]
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Can sweat clog my pores and cause pimples
Pores are openings through which sweat is released, but they often become clogged with a combination of dead skin cells and oil, which causes acne. ChaCha again soon!

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Acne and Doxycycline?
Q: So I have been taking Doxycycline 200mg a day for about three weeks. The first week my face was clearing up it was a little dry but healing and now its just breaking out again I know i havent been taking it very long but im still upset whe i was 16 and took it, it worked right away. My doctor said it could take up to two months to work but I was really hoping for fast results. I have very soft sensitive skin I never noticed until my doctor told me im almost positive my problem is hormonal because i stoped taking yaz birthcontrol and then started taking it again and it was like an eruption on my face. I am so used to having pretty skin i am becomming very self conscious about it.I used to be able to sleep with make-up on and nothing that is when i even felt like wearing it cuz my skin was so perfect i never even wore it. Now i cant go out of the house without consealor and powder foundation. I dunno what to do its not clearing up! I also have red marks where old pimples were i can tell they wont scar but the acne was so suddent and all at once that it is hard to hide and looks red and unnattractive. Nothing hides them completely and although they are slowly fading TO SLOWLY i really need advise on how to make them un-red and some are brownish colored just from my skin pigmentation. I dont want to put skin bleachers on my skin i read they do more damage then good. So i need advise on the med. the breakout and the red spots. Ill try anything at this point. Ive read that honey is very good for the face although im afraid to try it cuz ts so sticky it seems like it would clog my pores. I dont get black heads at all not even on my nose i had dry skin but it didnt last very long. I would say my skin is mildly oily towards the end of the day. I never get cycstic pimples only the average sized ones i try not to pop them only when they have whiteheads. I am on yaz again this is the second month that im back on it. I also read that tanning can help the red spots fade i have a tanning bed in my house so this wouldnt be a problem but i also read that it causes them to become even more red so which on is true?my skin care rutine consist of wipping it down with nutregena pads in the morning. Maybe washing it if im in the mood.then if ive been sweating from being outside or being active ill wash my face with either proactive clearing scrub, abricot medicated scrub, or clean and clear black head scrub… Usually whatever is on the counterand every night when i get in the shower I wash my face with black head clearing scrub. Ive tried mask, toners, gel, cream, foam clensers, regular clensers, alchohol, peroxide, tooth past, spot treatments, lotions, everythinggProactive doesnt really work for my skin i used to was my face with murad but it didnt make much change either. I dunno i guess maybe i need to wait it out or get my hormones checked out. any and all advise is good especially from someone with same skin type as me.
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