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Does eating too much chocolate give pimples

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Although eating too many sugary, high-fat foods is never a good idea, studies show that no specific food causes acne. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/does-eating-too-much-chocolate-give-pimples ]
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Can eating too much chocolates give you pimples?
In some people it can. One thing that does is dairy products (milk, cheese, ice cream). Acne is from an over production of oil on your skin. Due to hormones in your body. Well when you buy milk and other dairy products, they come from pregn…

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do u think chocolate gives you pimples and zits?
Q: i heard that if u eat too much chocolate and stuff that has chocolate in it gives u lots of pimples and zits…is it true??? =/
A: I heard on Martha Stewart the other day that it is all a myth that chocolate causes zits. People turn to chocolate as a comfort food when they’re stressing and stress is what causes zits. So chocolate does NOT give you pimples. It is fattening though if you eat a lot. I also heard chocolate can help with cramps because it thins the blood. I eat chocolate and I never get zits or anything. Hope this helped.
Pimples & Blackheads, I do everything to prevent them but..?
Q: Well, I have a question.My forehead has like 10 small bumps and my nose has alot of blackheads.I wash my face morning and night with special cleansing foam and water and I use a blackhead drying thing all the time. The ones on my forehead are ranging from like tiny little pimples too small to even squeeze properly, to just red bumps.Its not as bad as like real acne but I do everything to stop them.I never touch my face, I clean my face morning and night, I dont eat too much chocolate and I dont have my period yet so it couldnt be hormones!! Its really annoying! I’m one of the only girls in my year with like bad skin :(I want smooth, clear skin!! That would be awesome!! It really ruins photos and everything. And my nose is always red if I tried popping the blackheads like days and days before!Please give me some advice 🙁 My forehead is so bumpy grr. xxIM A GIRL! LOL
A: Beside diet, I’ve found after you shower or wash your face ( with WARM water, as hot water is harsh to the skin ), rinse with COLD water. It tightens the skin all over, and the cold water closes the pores that just invite dirt in.
Share your secret as to what is the best remedy to get rid of pimples?
Q: During my younger years although my face is oily i still manage to have a clear & pimple free skin.Now im 29,i’m still using the same product for my face but this time i can’t get rid of those pimples.So i consulted a dermatologist and she gave me sebamed (bar soap) to use 2x a day, benzoyl peroxide(cream) & adapalene(gel) to put on the affected area & Nanowhite+CoQ10 as moisturizer. She told me to stop using other products just these 3. For almost 2 months of using it nothing happened pimples still there.So i stop it.Right now i’m just using eskinol (cleanser),olay total effects/celeteque (moisturizer).What i only want is to remove the pimples & hopefully the oiliness also. What can you recommend…………………..by the way i’m taking glutathione, vitamin e & c regularly. I’m into gym and i do’nt eat too much chocolates.
A: well i used proactiv and after 2 days all of my pimples were gone… well sleeping more could actually help your oily face…one of my friend use tomato for her face and it works big time cause her face doesnt look or feel like sand paper anymore…a facial from time to time could also work…cetaphyl is a cheap but good facial cleanserpeanut is also not good…
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