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How can I tell if my girlfriend is on her menstrual cycle

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To help you discover if your girlfriend is on her period, here are symptoms of PMS: anger, tension, irritability, crying, & acne. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-can-i-tell-if-my-girlfriend-is-on-her-menstrual-cycle ]
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Is it aright to have sex without condom with your girlfriend in t…?
Yes, during the period it is the least likely to become pregnant. Keep in mind though that it is still possible to become pregnant. The statistics are very low though.
What are my options when my girlfriend is on her menstrual cycle??
If she is on her period i dont see why she couldnt give you oral sex. Having sex while on your period is no different then when your not. You still need to be safe because she can become pregnant and you can still get STDS but other then th…
Why did my girlfriend have a 10 day menstrual cycle??
It’s really normal , but if it happens alot, you should tell her to check with her doctor . Is she under alot of stress from work related or school ? Is she eating healthy during her period ? Tell her to stay away from anything that is sour…

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what can i do… my girlfriend could be pregnant and i dont know how to deal with it!?
Q: My girlfriend lives really far from me… on an island… i went there for 3 weeks and had sex with her some times….there was one time that she said that it was ok not to use a condom (she didn’t know that she could get pregnant during and on the last day of her menstrual cycle) and i wasn’t in my right mind as we men usually are not i believed…. now she tells me that she gets tired goes to pee twice the usual …. can she be pregnant?…. what should i do if she is?… im 19 and didn’t even finish high school because i entered late…. she is 16…. i can’t give life to a kid that i know that he wont have the best things in life…. nor even the minimal needed….. i love my girlfriend but i don’t think that i do to the point of having a kid…. help me pleseim 19 so im in an even more delicate situation because i didnt even think of thatfirst: i dont need things like im an ass or something cause i know i am.. in thin casewe talked bout what we would do and we agreed that abortion is not an option…then talked about adoption… she thinks its probable but i dont belive since i know that a woman gets very attach’t do a baby during the 9 months that he is in her belly…. her parents can call the cops…. but they know that we went to bed some times… even so i dont know because they are very emotional and irational in this thingsshe is not pregnant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!she did the test this morning like 2 hours ago…. negativexD
A: Lmao dude dont ask this on here you can see how immature these people are on here by there responses. Bottom line tell her to take a test.
Ladies and gentlemen: What would you do in a situation like this…?
Q: Okay, so I got this friend who’s with this girl that he met in the club three weeks ago. After meeting her he chilled with her for three days (which was filled with nothing but sex) before calling her “his girlfriend.” When I talked to him two weeks ago he told me that he thought she might be pregnant because he didn’t use a condom one time when they had sex. Okay, fast forward to last week, she said she’s not pregnant cause she started her menstrual cycle. I also found out that she lives with her grandfather (she’s 23) and she has a son that lives with her grandmother. Why she doesn’t have her child…I don’t know…he don’t know…but it tears down her character. Okay, so fast forward to a few minutes ago, he called me telling me that the girl is asking him for money. He said that she got into an argument with her brother, her grandfather kicked her out, and now she’s having to live with her aunt for 50 dollars a day. She also told him that if he can’t give it to her then she’s gonna have to work the streets (aka sell herself). After all that what do y’all think about the situation? IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO READ WHAT I THINK CONTINUE ON. IF NOT GO AHEAD AND ANSWER! __________________________________________________________Here’s what I think…the girl is trying to play him. I know how this type of situation goes because I’ve talked to too many dudes who have been played. One minute they’re asking for fifty dollars, the next minute it’s sixty, and before you know it the dude is giving his whole pay check to a girl he barely knows. Also, any chick who doesn’t have her kids and is partying at a night club on the weekends, instead of seeing her kids or studying for finals, is not worth your time in my opinion. Unless a female is in college or at a university there’s no reason for her not to have her kids. Even if she’s a student she still really has no reason to not have her kids. The only reason why a mother is not in the life of her child is because she’s unfit. Also, it seems kind of strange to me that this chick has NO family. Out of all the people in the world that she should be able to turn to for money, she turns to a dude she’s only known for three weeks. AND! She didn’t offer to pay him back. That’s the thing that really has me like, “yeah she’s trying to play you.” Because seems like she’d be able to turn to someone other than a dude she barely knows. Anyway, I just want to get other people’s opinion so I can validate I’m not being a hater.
A: $50 a day? Is the aunt running a whore house?? Geesh… Yeah, I think she is playing him and even if she isn’t, if someone was charging over $1500 a month rent, I would be moving somewhere else and getting a job. I wonder if she wasn’t a prostitute to start with. I can’t imagine a girl throwing that out there so easily without ‘prior’ experience.(and that she had a three day span where she could just ‘get it on’?? She doesn’t have anything more important in her life if she could do that.)
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