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What are current pieces of change made of

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Most of the coins made today are a mixture of zinc and copper. Mostly zinc though. ChaCha [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-are-current-pieces-of-change-made-of ]
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What are current pieces of change made of
Most of the coins made today are a mixture of zinc and copper. Mostly zinc though. ChaCha

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A: 1.A 2.D — C and A (go with C)2.A–A–C–A–C–A–A–BWhat is happening if energy input remains constant and voltage remains the same in a circuit, but the current decreases?a.The resistance has increased.*b.The volts have decreased.C.The power has increased.This is a trick question since P=IV = IR^2 the current can’t decrease without the energy input decreasing if the voltage is constant. Answer a is best but energy input will decrease also.–A–B (also C)–C.electrical discharge from a charged object–A.960 W–A.speed = 100 million m/s and frequency = 50 million Hz*–A.Water molecules in the bucket will transfer the heat.* –A.Friction generated heat to release chemical energy.
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Q: hey, do you want best answer points? well then, answer these questions for me. i will give them to who answers the most.1.List the instrument families.2.List instruments within each family.3.Why are they called families?4.Which family has the largest amount of instruments?5.What is the Soprano String instrument? The alto? Tenor? Bass?6.What are the strings made of on the string instruments?7.How strings are on a harp?8.Why would some people argue that the harp is part of the percussion family instead of the string family?9.When do we have evidence of the earliest harp?10.What do the pedals do on a harp?11.Name two early 20th century composers that wrote many pieces for the harp?12.How many strings are on a modern orchestral string instrument (not the harp)?13.When did the orchestral string instruments reach their modern forms?14.List one modern/current cellist.15.Which string instrument is considered a rhythmic foundation for the orchestra?16.What is the difference between a viola and a violin (look, construction, and sound)?17.What does the bridge do on a string instrument?18.How many of each of the string instruments would you find in an orchestra?19.On Brass instruments what is the “bell?”20.How do you change pitch on brass instruments?21.Which brass instrument was originally a “hunting horn?”22.How many of each major brass instrument would you find in an orchestra? Why do you suppose the numbers are less than the string instruments?23.The larger the instruments, the (high or lower) the sound. The smaller the instrument, the (higher or lower) the sound.24.Which bras instrument has a slide instead of valves?25.Which instrument has the longest tubing?26.What is the difference between a French Horn and English Horn?27.What was the early name of the trombone? Where do we think that same came from?28.Who was the first composer to use the Trombone in the orchestra?29.Describe how the trumpet was used in its early stages vs. how it is used today.30.How many valves/keys does a tuba have?31.What is the highest instrument in the brass family? The lowest?32.What are woodwinds made of?33.What is a reed?34.How many of each woodwind do you find in an orchestra?35.Which woodwinds have a single reed? Double reed?36.Why is a flute so different from the other woodwind instruments?37.How do you make sound on the woodwind instruments?38.How do you change pitches on the woodwinds?39.What is the highest woodwind?40.Which instrument can play the lowest instrument in the orchestra?41.Explain the difference between a woodwind made of a single piece of wood or with joints.42.What are the 4 ranges for the clarinet?43.Which woodwind has been used in Jazz since the genre’s southern US beginning?44.What instrument is the only woodwind made of brass?45.What is the difference between a B-flat clarinet and a bass clarinet?46.What instrument is the organ a part of? Why?47.What family is the piano (piano forte) part of? Why?48.Where are percussion instruments from?49.What are four uses of percussion instruments in an orchestra?50.How do you play a percussion instrument?51.What is an example of a pitched percussion instrument? What is an example of an un-pitched percussion instrument?52.What is the largest and lowest percussion instrument?53.Which percussion instrument is also known as the kettle drums?54.What is a snare?55.Where are cymbals from? What are they made out of?56.What is a glockenspiel?57.When did the orchestra add the triangle?58.What is your favorite instrument family? Why?
A: You’re kidding, right? – Why not post your algebra and English homework too?Look between the front and back cover of your music theory book.I’m sure you’ll find the answers there.Good luck in your studies,~ Mitch ~
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